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Nov 21, 2009 07:12 AM

Razzleberry Dressing

Does anybody have Mr. Magoo's secret recipe for "Razzleberry Dressing" from A Christmas Carol? Seriously...

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  1. Seriously, here it is:
    1 cup vegetable oil (almost any kind will do)
    1 cup raspberry vinegar (no other kind will do)
    1 t. black pepper (a little will do)
    2-3 Tbs raspberry mustard (yum!)
    Fresh raspberries & blackberries

    Mix first 4 ingredients in bowl or blender. Fold in fresh berries. Serve cold on salad or warm on meat.

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      1. re: Johnny V

        A google search yields many different versions. This one is more for a salad, but there are others out there that are a side dish made with cornbread as a base.