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Nov 21, 2009 06:44 AM


Recently, we visited a New Jersey vineyard close to our home (Laurita in New Egypt). We tasted most of their wines and I was struck by the Lemberger (Blaufrankisch). It is not, however, a wine I have much experience with. Thus, I am looking for bottles to which I can compare the local offering. Any Washington of German appellations I should look for?

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  1. Consider expanding your scope to Austria and Hungary, both of which make excellent wines from the grape (known as Kékfrancos in Hungary). G. Heinrich's Blaufränkisch from Neusiedlersee is one of my favourities. Szekszardi's Kékfrancos is my go-to low-end red these days.

    1. Lemberger has been made in Washington state for a long time. In my experience it's somewhat more rustic than what is typically imported from Austria.

      1. Kiona makes a really great Washington State Lemberger. Inexpensive to boot.

        1. The most recent lemberger I've had is Jed Steele's. Perfectly adequate but nothing terribly special. If you go to and type lemberger in the search window, many producers and reviews come up. Kind of a nice overview of the varietal.