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Nov 21, 2009 06:14 AM

Microwave misfortune

Have you ever had a microwave misfortune? The microwave oven is a wonderful kitchen tool but....I recently ordered a pecan tart in a restaurant and as soon as I put a fork in the crust I knew it had been nuked into a greasy mush. I don't usually send things back but I wasn't going to waste calories on a ruined pastry.

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  1. One thibg I've noticed very often is that a lot of ppl do not know that a microwave can be used for reheating, and not re-cooking. If you have a fully cooked item, there is no real need to cook it again. You can use the power levels on your microwave to re-heat things, and not re-cook them. The older microwaves are not as good at this as the newer "inverter" ones, but they still offer the use of different power levels so you don't have to nucroblast everything you put on there.

    1. This misfortune actually has resulted in a new way to 'roast' garlic. I put a whole head of garlic in the nuke, ran it on high for 30 seconds and at about 25 seconds the loud sound of a food explosion sent me diving for the off button... After cleaning up garlic puree off every surface in the MW, I figured out how to tame the beast. I now put the head in one of the veggie bags that you get in the produce section of the supermarket, and the explosion and flying garlic is confined therein... Great way to get quickly cooked garlic for addition to things that you don't want the sharp uncooked taste. And it is fun... BAM!

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        Let me tell you this- you haven't lived until you've had a couple of chicken livers go kapow in the microwave. Blew the paper towel right off the top and put liver stalactites and stalagmites all over the insides. That was probably 25 years or more ago and it still sends chills up my spine to think about it. I was feeding a pregnant stray cat because I felt sorry for her- I personally don't like liver at all so it was a real new experience cleaning it out of my new microwave.

      2. It never happened to me,(Thank God,) but my mother put a whole spaghetti squash in the MW. She was over 85 and evidently didn't give it enough 'pricks'. When it exploded it blew open the door and splattered all over the pantry wall opposite the MW. What a mess. She still talks about it. (And so do the rest of us.)