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Nov 21, 2009 06:04 AM

Midtown Non-Pub With Television

I know it's an odd request, but can anyone suggest a restaurant that might show the Leafs game on Monday night, that is nicer and has better food options than a pub? There are two die-hard hockey fans in my group that really want to watch the game live, but I really don't want to get stuck with pub grub. We were hoping to be north of St. Clair, south of York Mills, east of Bathurst and west of Bayview, though a really great suggestion that falls beyond these boundaries could sway us without much arm-twisting. I suppose I could compromise and accept a gastropub, provided the menu is decent. I'm simply trying to avoid the standard wings, fries, nachos and burger gut-buster fare. I'd consider the Monk's Table or the bar area of the Miller, I suppose, but I don't recall what the TV situation is at either place. Chowhounders, please come to my rescue!

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  1. Queen & Beaver is a gastro-pub with lots of TVs. Good food, too, if you know what to order - cod's tongues!

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      I'd like to try the Queen & Beaver, but I imagine the parking situation can be dicey in that area. I'd still like to keep things a bit more midtown-oriented. Does anyone know if the Monk's Table has televisions? I suppose the Keg (Yonge, south of Eglinton) has TVs in the bar area. Any other suggestions for me?

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        I think the Monk's Table has one TV on each floor, I remember seeing the Oscars there a few years back, and we were sitting upstairs. It was a fairly large TV, and you could see it from wherever you were sitting.
        I was surprised that the Keg at Yonge/Eg didn't have TVs in the bar area, although the last time I was there was just after they opened in early summer. Things may have changed.
        I'd like to put forth a suggestion for Fionn MacCool's on St. Clair just west of Yonge. It's not in the gastro-pub realm, but I actually think the food is very nice, and a step up from standard 'Firkin' fare. Their grill breads are pretty tasty. Plus, they have loads of TVs.
        As for parking around Yonge&Dundas, the Ryerson parking lot under the new Toronto Life building goes to a $5 max after 6, but it's cash only. At least I think it still is, I wouldn't be surprised if they hiked it. There's also a $6 max parking after 4 in a small lot on the north side of Gerrard, just east of Yonge.
        Parking and TV are apparently my specialties!

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          This is a qualified recommendation - the Dizzy has a relatively new second location on Yonge, north of Eg. I haven't been to the new one, but had decent food at the original on Roncesvalles. It's trying to be a gastropub...not sure if it really succeeds, but the food is definitely a notch up from your typical pub food. Maybe someone else has been to the new location to say how well the menu translated.

      2. Chimichanga...Yonge & Eg...pretty good Mexican...dumpy sports bar decor...Marimba!

        1. 5 Doors North at Yonge & Manor has a tv over the bar. Not big screen and no volume, but good enough to follow the game. Although I have always enjoyed the food there, it is now better than at any point in the past.

          Good luck.