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Nov 21, 2009 05:37 AM

Place to eat near Walter Reade theater

We're going to a film at Walter Reade theater (65 & Broadway) tomorrow afternoon, and are looking for a place for an inexpensive (approx. $20. pp) late lunch. Slim pickings in that area-- usually we go to Le Pain Quotidien or Ollie's, but we'd like some place new for a change. We like ethnic food, but not really spicy. Or a good diner would be OK. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. If 72nd St. is within your radius, try Seven's Turkish Grill. 158 W. 72nd, just a little east of Amsterdam. Excellent pides, meze and kebabs.

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      Thank you for your suggestion. I forgot to mention that one of us is a vegetarian so I was concerned about that, but I just checked out their menu and saw several things our friend can eat. 72 St. is not too far. Thanks again-- I'll definitely suggest this place to our little group.

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        We did in fact eat at Seven's and we all liked it. Thanks again for the suggestion. It did come to more than $20. p.p., but prices were not out of line. I particularly like their felaffal.

      2. at65, the cafe at Alice Tully Hall, would probably be open then. The setting is nice. I've only had breakast-type food there but I would think the food should be on par with the places you listed. My understanding is the normal tables are for table service only but that the tables with stools are for us by people buying food at the counter on their own

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          That's a possibility. I had soup there myself not long ago, but just didn't think of it. I was wondering what Arte around the Corner was like. Do you (or anyone else) know if the food there is good? Can 4 people sit comfortably?-- the tables look very small.

        2. Maoz (B'way and 70th) may be more casual than you want, but they have pretty good falafel sandwiches and plates, there.

          If the weather's nice, Pier i Cafe (W. 70th at the river) is good for burgers and a lemonade or beer. There is only outdoor seating. I'm pretty sure it's still open this time of year, but I'd call to check.

          La Vela is a bit of a walk (Amsterdam at 77th), but if you're in the mood for fresh pastas, this is a good place for them... And if you're willing to walk that far, Shake Shack's just at Columbus and 77th.

          Hummus Place (Amsterdam / 74th) is good for a very casual plate of Israeli style hummus and pita.

          Bouchon Bakery and Landmarc TWC in the Time Warner Center at 59th St. Columbus Circle would be doable on your budget if you order a light meal.

          1. Skip arte- mediocre food and terrible service.Bouchon Bakery is a great choice!!!

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              Thanks for the warning. I'll keep Bouchon Bakery in mind next time we're in the neighborhood. But if we're looking for a meal, what would you suggest?

              1. re: Lizbet

                Bouchon bakery is a great restaurant (sit down service, full bar, etc). Really great food and fun setting too. It's not a place to pick up a muffin or anything like that. : )