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Nov 21, 2009 04:26 AM

Maestro's - Saratoga Springs: Report and Question

Four of us went to Maestro's last night for the current $5 by 5pm entree promotion. The place was completely full and everyone seemed to be having a grand time. None of us had ever been there before and we all enjoyed our meal as well. We liked the decor and ambiance. Seating is a little tight because it is a small place, but even that seemed to fit the mood of the evening.
Before starting the waitress brought us some nice complimentary crackers with a chunky chickpea spread. Very tasty. Then out came a complimentary cone filled with small pieces of various breads. Also very nice. The bread was served with a plate with a very thin slice of butter sprinkled with a few granules of what the waitress described as "hawaiian salt". We were intrigued and eagerly tried it, but ultimately decided it was butter with salt granules and really rather silly.
We started with two appetizers; the duck confit and the five-onion bisque. Really liked the duck. I found the bisque VERY salty, but my husband loved it. I generally don't like a lot of salt, so I guess I'd go by his opinion.
For entrees we tried the goat cheese ravioli with mushrooms, the jambalaya, and the roast pork. We were very pleased with all of them. The ravioli was extremely rich. The roast pork was a standout.
Finished the meal with some coffee which was brewed at the table in a press. A nice surprise at the end was complimentary dark chocolate with cranberries and almonds. It came out in a very large bowl which the waitress placed in the middle of the table so we could select a few pieces. This same bowl seemed to be used to serve all the tables in the room. The chocolate was very dark and very nice. It went nicely with the coffee.
Because of the promotion, the entrees were $5. So the bill for the 4 entrees, two appetizers, two coffees and one bottled beer was $52 before tip. An excellent value especially when you consider all the complimentary items. We were all very pleased with the meal and the service.
Now for the question: At $5 the entrees were, of course, an excellent value, and as I said above, we thoroughly enjoyed the evening. But had I been paying the normal entree price of $25-30, I'd have said the the portion sizes were a bit small. The ravioli plate contained 4 average-sized ravioli. The jambalaya was a scoop the size of a softball containing about two pieces of chicken and two pieces of sausage. The roast pork was a more substantial size, but still seemed more of a lunch portion than dinner. So that I can judge Maestro's potential for a future visit, are entrees normally a bit small? Does anyone know?

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  1. fisher, you are correct on all counts: delicious food, some entrees (not all) are small. It's the kind of place where for dinner you probably should order three courses.

    1. Maestro's also has a really nice prix fixe meal that is about as reasonably priced as the meal you just had. Limited menu choice for the prix fixe but all the choices were really good.

      1. fisher, thanks for the report. I still have not been to Maestro's and look forward to going. I also wonder if it's better for lunch or dinner?

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          Both are great, but I'd rather not put up with the $5.00 crowd. Their $25 prix fixe is well worth it, as well as their ala carte menu.

          1. re: jaylhorner

            Gosh, we're really very nice. We don't burp or pick our noses or anything. :)

            1. re: fisher

              Not meant the way you interpreted. Perhaps I should have said I prefer a more leisurely environment... Not to mention, 5:00 is not my preferred hour for dinner.
              Sorry I did not state it better.

            2. re: jaylhorner

              Thanks so much, jaylhorner. Also not into a scene, so will probably give it a try for lunch first.

          2. The original comment has been removed