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Nov 21, 2009 04:09 AM

Old Ebbitt Oyster Riot

Anyone go? Would love to hear how it went.

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  1. *Loved* it! It was our first time and had no idea what to expect. My OPM (oyster per minute) ratio was incredible!

    Favs were, as always, the Northwestern oysters from WA and BC. The Olympias from Washington have been favorites for many years as I spent 2 years in Portnald- tiny and delicate. My new favorite was Wild Goose from RI - I went back there time and time again as they tasted different than any other oyster I've ever had. I don't think we hit up every station as we kept returning to the Wild Goose.

    I'm not much of a wine guy, and tried a few before getting a glass of the Grand Champion, Spy valley - It was so good I only drank that one from then on.

    My only complaint - It was too crowded, and there were a few rude people - too be expected I guess. But we soon tired of waiting in line when someone would walk right up in front of you and blatantly cut in. Some people are so oblivious!

    I would definately do it again - maybe next time come a bit later to avoid some of the crowd!