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Nov 21, 2009 03:34 AM


Anyplace in Bklyn/Staten island area serving it this year?
I had it as a special at NOLA on 7th Ave. Last Year, but they Closed......
Checked the BAYOU (Staten Island) Menu online, but no mention...
any Suggestions? (And please don't tell me to get one or cook one myself!...It Ain't Happening!) ;)

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  1. Mike
    I'm pretty sure you're referring to 'Turduken'. I haven't seen it mentioned here on SI.
    You might have to venture to Massapequa to Big Daddy's Resto. Their menu changes weekly but they have the following dinner entree listed this week:
    "BARBEQUE TURDUCKIN (corny mashed potatoes)
    A chicken stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a turkey, layered with andouille jalapeno cornbread dressing, slow smoked & finished with a pan gravy"

    Here's their site.

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    1. re: Tay

      Hi Tay
      Is Big Daddy's any good? Their website looks very similar to Bayou's site (another LI Cajun place). Bayou was amazing years back and then went downhill.
      I would travel for good Cajun....

      1. re: NYJewboy

        Hi NYJ
        "Is Big Daddy's any good?"...
        I was only there once. It was ok but not roadtrip worthy.
        When I crave amazing BBQ I somehow find an excuse to make it to Thelma's BBQ outside of Houston (I know: A MAJOR roadtrip). BBQ, like pizza, is so subjective. Thelma's is the DeFara's of BBQ.
        Locally, I'm ok with Big Ed's BBQ. My friends like Famous Dave's or Fat Jack's

        1. re: Tay

          Do you like Fette Sau at all? I think it is the best in NYC (I know, that is not saying much).

          1. re: NYJewboy

            I've only been one time. Once I saw $2.50 for a pickle and $5-$7 for potato/broccoli salad, I was already annoyed so I'm not objective, RE: The BBQ. You know how I feel about pricing Vs product./value.. I don't care how 'Trendy' Wmsbrg has become.To me, It's still an old, decaying neighborhood with delusions of being much more than it really is. I'd have to say The offerings at Fette Sau(For me) did not justify the cost.. I'll stick with Big Ed;s, Dave's or Jack's. :-)

            1. re: Tay

              Agreed about Wmsbrg. That said, Fette Sau beats Hill country, RUB, Daisy Mae, or Virgil's IMO. These other places you speak of seem to far for me to get to. Thus, I must suffice, unpleasantness of Wmsbrg not withstanding.

              1. re: NYJewboy

                I've never tried the food but I've read some positives about the BBQ truck's offerings:
                "Picnick, Smoked
                Wall St Park, near corner of Wall and Water st;

                "PS dishes out righteously quality 'que that starts with a 48-72 hour six-chili-brine bath before incredibly going sans rub into a three-wood smoke sauna for upwards of 12 hours; while TBD daily specials may range from prime rib to smoked lobsters, everyday high-end cuts include Kobe beef brisket, pulled heritage pork shoulder, and smoked chicken.
                Once they're sold out it's all over for the day."

    2. Well, this is odd, but you can get a frozen turducken on FreshDirect for $6.99/lb., estimated approx. 13 lbs. Not sure where you can get it cooked.

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      1. re: kabny offers it for less per lb but the OP doesn't want to do the cooking.

      2. Not quite on topic but just to note I had turducken shipped a couple of times from LA-based Hebert's Specialty Meats and it was amazingly good (as were the boudin and most of the other sides). I mean you drop it in the oven and a few hours later - poof - it's like you're back in Eunice or Breaux Bridge. Ok so maybe not. Yes it's pricey but this stuff is damn good. Totally worth it.