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Nov 21, 2009 12:25 AM

Best pie in Portland??

I'm in charge of choosing a birthday dessert restaurant for a friend who loves pie but doesn't eat cake. I don't actually eat pie myself, so I'm at a loss. Does anyone have suggestions for a dessert restaurant that emphasizes pie, or even a bakery where I could buy a nice whole pie (preferably apple!)? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Random Order. It's just a small coffee shop but they bake their own, best in town. Using Bob's Red Mill (of Milwaukie) grains and local fruit. They bake no cake.
    By the way: Your friend has good taste. I don't eat American "cake" either.

    1. bi - partisan cafe on se stark. SERIOUSLY good pie, lots to choose from. go in and try a piece. you'll get it!

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        Thank you! Both of these places look really good - I think he'll be impressed. I think we'll do Random Order because it looks like it's open later until 11 PM - but we'll for sure try out Bi - Partisan Cafe sometime soon. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.