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Nov 20, 2009 09:28 PM

Hacienda Restaurant Las Vegas

I was with a group that ate at Hacienda is way out east on Lake Mead and Christy (a few blocks past Nellis). Several nights a week they set up an outdoor grill and pastor spit and do a taco stand in the parking lot (you can also enjoy the regular menu inside...). This is the first place in Vegas that I've seen with a real al pastor spit....delicious! The carnitas are also very good, and although I didn't try the asada it smelled good.

They have a generous salsa bar (including an unusal escabeche that contains shredded onions, carrots and cabbage) and will throw in a little of the house pinto beans (also delicious!) and grilled jalapenos and cebollitas with your taco order. the salsa cruda contains diced avocado as well as the usual tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and cilantro...tasty! I understand that later in the evening on weekends the mariachis stop by...we had to be content with the boom box. Beer is available.

I noticed grilled elotes (corn on the cob) and oysters on the menu as well...unfortunately after I had already stuffed myself silly on tacos.

Six generous tacos (hey, I was hungry!!) and a tecate set me back 11 bucks. I'll be back.....this could become a regular Friday after-work stop (Its a short drive from my North Las Vegas office where I hang out on Fridays...).....Check it out...the al pastor is the real deal.

Hacienda is at 3482 East Lake Mead Blvd.

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  1. Sounds like a terrific find - thanks!

    1. Just want to add that the restaurant has a full menu but you can also get the tacos from the grill outside.

      1. Unfortunately, based on two lunches I would have to say that Hacienda is on a downhill slide. Admittedly I didn't have the tacos either time...maybe that's the problem. A few weeks ago hubby and I went there for lunch....and we were both very turned off by the very loud music from the jukebox. We could barely stand to be in the place, it was so loud. As we were the only patrons we asked if they could turn down the music, and they said they would but never did. On that occasion DH's food was good, but I had a caldo de res that I was less than impressed with: tastless broth and too much fat on the beef.

        Today we both were very disappointed with our meals. For starters, the chips tasted "off" - as if they had been fried in very bad oil. Salsa was good, however. Hubby had a chicken burrito, and found himself spitting out pieces of bone and gristle. yuck. I ordered huevos rancheros and corn tortillas on the side. The huevos came quickly, so quickly I wondered if they had been pre-cooked. And the egg was over-easy....not my favorite way to have huevos. But the killer was the ranchero sauce: not even a sauce really, but more of a relish of sauteed tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Not liquid at all.

        And my tortillas never came. The waitress came by twice to apologize (after we had to call her back to ask for them, and to ask for silverware for hubby) ..she kept saying "they are made by hand, you know" Well, if they can cook the egg so quickly, why not start the tortillas first and throw the egg on a minute or two before they'll be ready, so everything comes out at once? I never did get the tortillas....I ate as slowly as I could hoping to sop up the beans with them....but beans were gone before tortillas ever showed. At that point we asked for the bill and left. The music was once again almost unbearably loud. As DH pointed out as we left: loud music is tolerable when the food is good....but when it isn't...sorry. Its off the list. Too bad; I really liked the place the first several times I ate there.....