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Nov 20, 2009 08:12 PM

Dinner near Main Street Vancouver

We have been out of the restaurant loop for a while, thanks to raising young children and a limited budget. But it is Birthday time and we want to go out for a memorable meal. Suggestions? We live near Main and 16th in Vancouver.

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  1. Three quick ideas:

    Latitude (I haven't been here but I have eaten at their previous restaurant in Tofino)
    Campaganolo (from the Fuel guys)
    Sun Sui Wah

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    1. re: fmed

      Thanks so much! I have walked by Latitiude and wondered about it.....where is Campaganolo? What kind of food? Thanks!

      1. re: shazzer65

        Campagnolo is on Main by the Cobalt and the Train Station. They serve upscale Italian food. It's a quality place all around. Get the cecci salad if you do decide to go.

    2. Pied-a-Terre is near-ish on Cambie at 17th (French bistro)

      1. Grab a drink before dinner @ Cascade Room. Around 11th and Main.

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        1. re: JEheartbreak

          Then go back again for cocktails after dinner! Great cocktail list there.

        2. Campagnolo is probably the best restaurant on main, but it's not really near where you live. Still, I would recommend it over the other options.

          8 1/2 just got a positive review from A. Gill in the Globe, but I think its quite casual for a birthday celebration (although I could be completely wrong).

          I haven't been to Habit since it reopened, but it was always dependable and reasonably priced. You can have a couple drinks at Cascade before hand, then next door for dinner at Habit, then back to Cascade for dessert (read: drinking).

          1. Crave at Main and 23rd is also really good