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Nov 20, 2009 08:08 PM


sadly Viking Deli ,bakery and - well - smokehouse ,up in smoke tonight on Laird

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  1. Oh dear, what a shame! It must be a huge fire...I counted 18 dispatched units on the active incident page (

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    1. re: CeeQueue

      this is a true tragedy. the entire finnish community in the GTA relies on viking to supply us with finnish products at xmas. i don't know where we're going to find a smoked ham for this year.

      worst of all, i have family that worked there who are now unemployed.

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      1. That was going to be my first stop in the morning. I gues the salmon will be extra smoked. They had the best bacon I have found, now I won't be able to get any. I bet they won't re-open.

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        1. re: foodyDudey

          If they don't re-open, it will be a huge loss. I love that place. I really hope they do.

        2. Good grief. I went there for the very first time on Wednesday and picked up a smoked whitefish for tomorrow's anniversay brunch I'm throwing for some friends. I guess we'll have to toast the deli as well as the anniversary.

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          1. re: Nyleve

            Did you pick up the smoked salmon and bacon? Those are my favourites. For two weeks I've wanted to make a trip there but didn't have a chance, last night I figured I'll be there early but then read this post last night. I drove over to have a look since I had some other errands in the area. The owners and cleanup crew were there. I could see through the windows as I drove by slowly and it didn't look too bad, I couldn't even see any smoke damage in the interior. I was expecting to see a shell of a building but it's not that bad at all from what I saw. That's great, as I've been missing the salmon and bacon for a few weeks. Maybe next week there's be a sale on triple smoked items :-)

            1. re: foodyDudey

              I got a small package of cold smoked salmon as well as the whitefish. I wanted some of the hot smoked salmon also but they didn't have any that day. (Anniversary girl doesn't like floppy fish.) Good to hear it doesn't look like it was totalled. Looking forward to the fish tomorrow and, hopefully, more in the future. Will definitely try the bacon when they're back up and running. Triple smoked should cost MORE not less!

          2. I snapped some pictures this morning, it was very sad to see it go, a lot of Estonian's would go to pick up Salmon and sausages. My grandmother and my mom originally went there, and we always wanted to return. I hope they re-open.

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              1. re: Kenster1025

                What a tragedy. I really hope they reopen.

                My mother also took me there when I was a kid. I have vivid memories of their rye bread, pirukad (Estonian meat buns) herring and risolje.

                very sad indeed.

                1. re: lyndak

                  Kenster and lyndak, I'm in the same boat. My dad's side of the family is Estonian and I've loved Viking's wares for years, especially the pirukad and smoked whitefish. I had a chance to go last week and passed it up. Now I wish I had made the trip....

                  It's a shame and a great loss. Hopefully they'll reopen.

                  1. re: Dr Butcher

                    So sad to hear this. Have an uncle in Ottawa from Norway in a retirement home.
                    Now where will I get him his favourite treats.Especially Licorice.
                    Hope they can recover. Glad no one was hurt.

                    1. re: DanieDines

                      For what it's worth, Viking has an outlet open to the public where you might find Finnish candies and licorice. It's at 31 Railside Road (Don Valley and Lawrence). I haven't been there in a while but I assume it's still open.

                      No fresh baked goods, deli, or smokehouse, but a good variety of imported packaged goods.

                      Agreed, the fire is a real tragedy. It's especially bad now as they were no doubt gearing up for the Xmas rush. Hope they get back on their feet very soon!

                      1. re: Chatty Cathy

                        Thanks so much for the info, I will be over that way this week for the Wildly Delicious sale and did not know about their outlet. Will have time to get some in the mail for the holidays. Appreciate it.

                        1. re: DanieDines

                          You're welcome.

                          I wonder if it would be possible for Viking to temporarily find a kitchen that meets health regulations and perhaps sell some baked goods, etc on Railside as a temporary retail outlet??

                          DD, perhaps you could inquire when you are there?

                  2. re: lyndak

                    If I'm not mistaken, I think that the Hillside Bakery on Mt. Pleasant may be run by Estonian or Finnish people. They won't have the smoked products, but may have some of the other baked goods that people are already missing.

                    1. re: Yongeman

                      Yes, I believe they are run by Estonian people, but do carry some Finnish baked goods, like pulla. Not quite as good as Viking but will do in a pinch.

                      The Finnish Place also sells some packaged foodie items like chocolates and preserves.

                    2. re: lyndak

                      Pirukad are great. Hillside is runned by Estonians my Grandmother and aunt know the people who run it. Gelled meat is great. I wish I had gone to Viking, I really hope the reopen. Blood Sausage I hope they reopen with blood sausage.

                  3. re: Kenster1025

                    Sad,sad news.

                    Was just there a couple weeks ago for some smoked salmon and a doughnut.