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Nov 20, 2009 07:45 PM

Kansas City Missouri, Costco

Just came back from the new costco in st louis mo, looked but did not find the truffle butter, any one seen it there??? also have you seen the french onion soup in the frozen section,,if so please get back to me, as I'm planning another trip to Costco, this time to kansas, for us It's over a two hundred mile trip,one of the products we did get was the wild sockye smoked salmon,which I must tell you is a thumps down we found it mostly salty tasting no smokey taste what so ever and mushy so I'm planning to bring it back.

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  1. i will check next time i'm there. french onion soup seems to ring a bell, though. keep you posted.

    1. I wasn't even aware that Costco sold truffle butter. Do you have an approximate idea of what it usually costs? We don't live near enough a Costco for me to run in and check-thanks!

      1. Mutti,
        I had the FO soup at the KC midtown Costco - sample weekend! It is very tasty and was there when I was there about 1 month ago

        1. I haven't seen truffle butter at any of three KC area Costco stores (but I haven't been to Lee's Summit location.) French onion soup is in the freezer case at all three last time I shopped. I was pleased with the quality of Coleman organic chickens, which we found alongside the GoldKist product. It's more expensive, and completely worth it for more flavor, IMO. You'd need an ice chest to get those home safely, yes? Thanks for the warning on the smoked salmon, which I was considering for the holidays. Now I know to look elsewhere.