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Nov 20, 2009 07:40 PM

What happened to the "over bridge noodles" stall at First Markham?

Anyone know what happened to the "over bridge noodles" stall at First Markham? Went there today, and it was gone. The place that replaced it is just sad...

Failing that, anyone know of a place that good for Yunan noodles? After Spicy Mama folded a few years ago, haven't seen any place that's really good.



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  1. Does the little ma and pa resto at the west end of the strip mall at 4040 finch (Scarborough) serve that kind of noodle you're looking for? I think the place is called Cross Bridge.

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    1. re: Royaljelly

      Yeah, that's the kind I am looking for. I've been to that place, it wasn't very good though. The one that was in First Markham food court was better, although wasn't quite as good as Spicy Mama. Their business was pretty good though, so I thought may be they just moved somewhere else.

      1. re: wciu

        Hey wciu, haven't seen you back on the forum for awhile. I notice that our tastes are somewhat similar in terms of Mainland chinese restaurants, just wondering what places you are frequenting lately for your meals or snacks? I'm kind of getting bored w/ the usual places that we go to.

    2. There's one across from the 'crepe/dessert' place in the food court of Market Village. Choices of toppings are pretty varied.
      ( I noticed in your profile, you put Nota Bene and Tutti Matti with the 'Michelin 3* Arzak' as your favourite restaurants. Interesting?! Arzak's food to me was much more creative and tasty! No?! BTW, I too love the seafood and fish dishes at Le Dome Paris. However, that place is always packed!! ).

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        Hmm have to go give that place a try next week.

        I haven't updated the favorites for a while. The last time I updated it was when Nota Bene first opened. I thought I'd put some local restaurant in with some good international ones... There just aren't a lot of restaurants in TO at the the level or Arzak. Actually, I revisited San Sebastian and Barcelona earlier this year, there are probably a few restaurants from that visit that should be put into that list. :)

        Le Dome is a favorite of mine for a personal reason, and I try to go there every time I visit Paris, and it is always an enjoyable experience.

        1. re: wciu

          Never tried it but i know there is a place at Kennedy & Finch. It's an actual restaurant inside the strip plaza next to the big dim sum place and the supermarket. It's been there for quite awhile.
          If you do try it, let me know what u think.