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Nov 20, 2009 07:14 PM

Eastside Culture Crawl tomorrow-any rec's close by?

We are going to this event tomorrow with our daughter (3 years old)-any rec;'s in the areas close to where the crawl is? Need to have something on the menu without eggs or dairy for her.

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  1. I know this is an odd rec (considering the no dairy requirement) - au petit chavignol is now open for lunch, I believe.

    A number of places on the Drive can work (Stella's Havana, Fet's, Lombardo's, etc) and also a few places in Chinatown.

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    1. re: fmed

      With a little one, you might want to check out Wilder Snail. Technically it is a grocery store but they have tables beside giant windows and serve paninis and the like. Very much a neighbourhood spot in the best way. This would be for lunch only -- wasn't sure which meal you were after...

    2. Actually, I saw the ad for the ECC in the Georgia Straight and they had some local food recommendations, which you can see on their map:

      I think the Russian Hall and the Ukrainian Cultural Centre are open for lunch. If I was going to the crawl, I'd probably check out either place for grub!

      EDIT: also mentioned in a Georgia Straight article:

      "Unlike the fabled Parisian art museum, the Eastside Culture Crawl has yet to set up its own restaurant, bistro, or snack bar. Yet a number of area food emporiums have come onboard to help sponsor the event, including Vancouver’s original health-food bakery, Uprising Breads, and that always-reliable one-stop sushi shop, Fujiya Japanese Foods. Arntzen also points out that two Strathcona ethnic hubs—the Russian Hall and the Ukrainian Cultural Centre—will be opening their kitchens to culture crawlers. “They’ll be supplying borscht and pierogies—you know, their traditional food—all during the weekend, the same hours as us,” she says. And what could be more revivifying on a cold November day than a big bowl of meaty beet broth?"

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        It doesn't look like the weather will cooperate - but Fujiya sushi to-go and the park on Venables would have been good.

        Deserts (Falafel), Stix (a sort of Vietnamese bun/sate place) will probably have dairy and egg free food. I'm also wondering if Little Nest can make something.

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          Given your dietary restrictions I would caution against the Russian and Ukrainian Halls. I've found the non-dairy requirement very difficult at both these places as they put butter in most of the items (or sour cream or cream). And things are sort of made on mass (not to order) so they can't really accommodate changes.

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            Hmm, sorry. I should've realized :/

        2. Thanks for all the rec's. I am going to write them all down with addresses and go to the closest one to where we are when we decide we are hungry:) I wish I could include the Community Centre's but I don't know how my daughter is going to feel about Borscht and I think perogies have cheese/butter traditionally? Do correct me if I am wrong as I would love to have those for lunch:)! We always have to have at least 2-3 things she can eat on a menu due to one not being available or it containing allergens not mentioned in menu description i.e. a hamburger patty pre prepared with egg in it....

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            Turns out we're heading to the Crawl today with a 16 month old (my niece) so we'll be in the same boat!

            We've been to both the hall and the CC and while the food is good and cheap, the lines are often crazy and sometimes the food runs out. I seem to recall there were snausagey offerings at one of them last year, FWIW