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Hanukah chocolate coins in Seattle?

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I'm looking for real Chanukah coins in Seattle. Last year I got the ones from See's, and unfortunately they aren't real Chanukah coins, they look like American coins with nothing festive about them. It would be wonderful to get ones that are actually from Israel. Does anyone know a place to get some real Chanukah coins?
Thanks everyone!

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  1. You should be able to find them at Tree of Life on 65th in Ravenna....http://www.treeoflifejudaica.com/

    1. If your local temple has a gift shop, that would be a place likely to have them.

      1. I have seen them at the Confectionery at U Village.

        1. The Shoreline Central Market had a display of Chanukah coins and assorted treats when I was there yesterday. Other Town and Country markets (Ballard Market, Greenwood Market) might stock the same goods.

          1. I can often find the Israeli chocolate coins at Cost Plus, but like everything at Cost Plus, it's kind of hit-or-miss.

            1. I found them! Real Elite brand Israeli chocolate coins (and they are delicious) on sale at the QFC in University Village! They are expensive, 12 dollars for a box that weighs just a smidge over a pound, but worth every penny compared to other brands that don't taste as good.
              I called Cost Plus and they only have some from the Netherlands this year.

              1. I just found them too, at I Love NY Deli on Roosevelt & 52nd. A little packet cost something like 65 cents I think. Two different kinds.

                Plus you can ogle/eat all the delicious pastrami and nova and other goodness.

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                  They also have Bamba there (and at the location in the market!)

                2. Seems to me I saw Gelt at Bavarian Meats, in the Pike Place Market. They carry a lot of little foil-wrapped, holiday-themed chocolates there. The Chocolate Box is a place to look, and probably Pier One Imports.