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Breakfast - lunch and dinner in and around Stowe, Vermont

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Please tell me where you would go for breakfast (old fashioned regular breakfast), lunch (soups, salad, sandwiches and burgers) and dinner (we don't eat game or anything too exotic) - price is not an issue. Thanks so much!

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    1. These are in Waterbury, which is not too far from Stowe: Hen of the Wood or Michael's on the Hill (I think it's called, I also think it's Waterbury, not Stowe proper, but it could be Stowe). I like Stebu Sushi for lunch, but if you don't care for sushi (there are more options than regular sushi things, they make a good miso soup, for example), The Reservoir has good burgers and sandwiches and some interesting squash soup. A great breakfast/lunch place is Juniper's Fare. Another great breakfast/lunch place is Park Row, near the park and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. I'm less up on breakfast options in the Stowe area.

      None of these are a difficult or long drive away.