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Nov 20, 2009 03:40 PM

Poivre Noir in Trois Rivieres

Has anyone been? Wanted a nice romantic resto for my birthday, but i don't want to leave my newborn with a sitter so it has to be close to family in trois rivieres.


Poivre Noir
1300 Du Fleuve, Trois-Rivieres, QC G9A, CA

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Forgot to update this!

      We ended up going there for their tasting menu and it was fun. Everything was fresh and yummy and the presentations were nice. A clever trick was that they rolled their "merguez" (it was more a really good tasting soujouk than a merguez) in lasagna type pasta so when we first saw it we thought it was bone marrow. mmm. There were several things that were served that i or DH had not tasted before, and they were all good. One or two things could have been improved like a cheese quenelle that was so spicy it was overpowering the excellent beef carpaccio. But, i got the impression that they do change the menu frequently and try to improve their stuff. In fact the carpaccio that is listed on the menu today sounds heavenly and very different from the one we had.

      They were very accomodating of my bivalve intolerance (I am not technically allergic as i will not breakout in hives, but i will get 4-6 hours of terrible diarrhea/vomitting if i eat any).

      If you are in trois-rivieres and end up going there, make sure to order the chocolates. They are home made and good.

      1. I'm born in La Mauricie, and I always loved the restaurants and cafes in Trois-Rivieres. Especially near the fleuve.
        I always go to Bravo pizzeria when I go back see my family (Live in Montreal now).
        It's the best pizza on earth!
        I'll look for Poivre Noir next time I'm in town,
        Thanks :)