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Nov 20, 2009 03:02 PM


I have finally bought a car after being in Montreal for 3 years and would like to explore more of Quebec. Anybody have any suggestions for a great drive out of the city to an even better destination to a great place to eat.


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    1. well I've never been to one, but you might want to research the various tables champêtres in Lanaudière, Montérégie, Laurentides etc. Perhaps some Hounds here have been to one and have recs to share.

      1. I did my undergrad at BishopsU/Concordia - The drive to the Eastern Townships on the 10 would be nice I think - North Hatley (about 2hrs east of mtl) is beautiful and has a few nice restos including Hovey Manor:

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          I'll second Hovey Manor.

          Also sEb in St. Jovite

        2. Once in a while I like to go to Fouquet Fourchette in Chambly (South Shore). Some people can be put down by the "Nouvelle France" ambiance, but the food is just great.

          Here is a link:

          1. I recently had the pleasure of eating at Le Jardins Sauvage for a birthday dinner and really liked it. It's located in L'Epiphanie and is about 45 min away.

            The concept is basically one of foraging ingredients from the local forests to use in the dishes. The regular 5 course meal is $75 dollars (tax included) so its more of a special occasion place (for me anyways) but the food was really good when we went. Also it's a BYOW restaurant.

            Here is the website in case this might interest you:

            Outside the restaurant they have a wonderful little river and surprisingly extensive hiking trails through the forest. I think the longer trail is around 7km.