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Nov 20, 2009 02:15 PM

Best Delivery in NW Calgary?

just two months here and im dying to get maybe some chinese food delivered but i cant tell which are bad and which are good!The only thing ive tried so far is pizza and i hate when i look forward to it so much and when it gets here im disappointed, any suggestion, id love a good chinese!

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  1. We order from New Dynasty; I find the food excellent quality and you get a lot -- or maybe they give us alot as we are long time customers.

    The Edgemont Palace has been sold and renamed and for the life of me I can't remember the name. A lot of people from Hong Kong eat there and they rave. I haven't been there personally, but a foodie friend of mine has (I really trust her judgement) and she says it's awesome. Maybe another chowhound can remember the name.

    Just found it ... Edgemont City.

    1. We have always enjoyed Snow Palace at Crowfoot for take-out. (Near Honda).

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        Snow Palace is very good. I loved their Peking Duck. Shanghai Palace is also very good. I would recommend their honey pepper chicken.

      2. Northwest is pretty broad. Where exactly are you?

        Edgemont City is pretty good/authentic. T.Pot is good albeit pricey. Shanghai Palace in the Hamptons is fairly good. Peking Gardens (sp?) in Varsity is pretty servicable. Some people swear by Ginger Beef in Brentwood.

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          I live on 20th Ave and 4th street!Are there any that deliver that have menus online?im getting hungry just thinking about it!

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            Ginger Beef - Brentwood:
            T. Pot China Bistro doesn't appear to have their menu online. ph: (403) 237-5797 but they're in Harvest Hills.

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              In that case, you are really close to a couple places:

              Szechuan Restaurant -

              Szechuan is very authentic, so it is not exactly like regular Chinese takeout. There is a CH thread here about it as well (a bit old)-->

              Central Grand is also nearby:

              Dim sum is quite good. Can't say I've ever had takeout or delivery from there, but the food is quite decent when I go for supper there.

              Sorry - not many Chinese places are online in Calgary.

          2. I like Spicey Hut on Edmonton Trail near Memorial Drive NE, they deliver to the shallow NW. They have Thai and Chinese dishes... the hot and sour soup is excellent as are the Thai steamed dumplings.

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                I did try Spicy Hut there lately cos my neighbour upstairs had flyers and that was the only one he had that you guys had old me about!The delivery was really quick and the portion size was good the food id give it a 7/10, its was good for what i got, i did not have any complaints!Still have to try other deliveries yet, so far just pizza hut and the Panormas is not really one pizza its two smaller ones but nice and usually dominos cos thats what im used to having at home in Ireland but when i got a pizza by them lately i was a tad disappointed that they do not use cornmeal on their pizzas like they do in Ireland, oh well, i did make one the other night on that pillsbury pizza dough and i was most satisfied with it, i must say! Happy days either way!

                1. re: Lisaleathers

                  Our go to is HiBall in the "Stadium shopping center" it's cheap and consistent for your westernised Chinese type food. Ginger Beef, red Sweet and Sour. I personally prefer the war Wonton over King's.

                  3-1941 Uxbridge Drive Northwest, Calgary, AB T2N 2V2
                  (403) 284-3324‎

                  Allways love "Spicy Hut" never did take out or delivery from there though. My wife doesn't love it.

                  1. re: The Gut

                    My uncle recently introduced us to this place. I didn't think much of it when we first entered but it turned out that I really liked their dumplings and s&p squid.