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Nov 20, 2009 01:42 PM

Old Country Store- Lorman MS

Just got back to Ft Worth after a road trip based on visiting the Old Country Store for their fried chicken. All I can say is HEAVEN!! Even my wife ,the finicky eater, was VERY impressed. We even brought some back to TX (cold of course) for some naysayers who thought I was a fool to base my timeoff on visitng a chicken joint in Mississippi. The buffet was pure country with greens, ribs, mac and cheese, corn bread and the chicken. I think Mr D could charge more but he is very humble.
If you ever get the chance to divert your trip to take in this unique place, you won't be sorry!!

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  1. Thanks for the trip to the Magnolia State! ~~~ Along with the great fried chicken, and down home Southern Cooking I hope you got to hear Mr. D sing ~~~ I owe him a nickle from my last visit so I better get back in there pretty soon!! :)


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    1. re: Uncle Bob

      Yeah, that place is great! My wife- who won't normally eat fried food, inhaled about 4 pieces of that chicken! Neither of us could hardly slow down enough to listen to the singing!

      And I sure do hope that you tried the cobbler...

    2. Mr D DID in fact start singing about his Mom teaching him about fried chciken and we didn't get to try the cobblers because we inhaled the chicken! Does that mean we have to make anothr trip!!!???

      1. Slow down when passing through or you'll miss it.