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Nov 20, 2009 01:21 PM

Gaggia espresso maker has broken down

The question: is it worth trying to get it fixed or must it RIP? Someone we talked to said that essentially it would cost as much to fix as it would to get a new one. Well, we've only had this one for 3/4 years and we've been pretty good on the upkeep. My husband thinks it's the sensor that's broken down -- apparently it's pricey to replace. We paid about $400 for this so we're pretty understandably upset about and are sad to think of a latte-less life. (My husband is currently unemployed so no replacement over the short term.) Any advice appreciated.

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  1. Sign up at Coffeegeek. Go to the espresso machine forum. Post this same question with a little bit more detail, like what area you're in and you will get more help than you will here.

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    1. re: chipman

      you can also put in a call to sweet maria's or chris's coffee. I know how you feel. I burned out the heating element in my Silvia a while back, but I was able to have it repaired, although the replacement parts aren't cheap.

      1. re: chuckl

        I didn't notice the comment about having the machine for less than a year. It isn't clear however, whether the machine was bought new or not. If it was, it should still be under warranty, yes?
        The OP doesn't state where she lives, or where they bought the machine. If that info was known it would be easier to send her in the right direction.

        1. re: chipman

          I'm in Boston, bought the machine new from Costco, and we've had it 3/4 years, so definitely NOT under warranty. Thanks for the help!

          1. re: pamlet

            I misunderstood. I thought you had it for 3/4 of a year. If I were you, I would go to a good espresso joint in your area. Ask them who services their machines or do they know of anyone? I had a problem with mine a few years ago and the good people at BlueBottle gave me the # for their service guy. Worked out great.

            if that doesn't work, the suggestion to call the good people at Chris Coffee or WLL.



            1. re: pamlet

              " definitely NOT under warranty."

              You'd be surprised! Take it back to Costco and ask if you can exchange it for a new model. As long as it's not from the electronics department, they'll accept returns (or do exchanges) on almost anything:


              "Merchandise: We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell with a full refund."

              1. re: pamlet

                Just to add to Joe's comment: You don't even need the original receipt if you purchased it with a Costco credit card. They'll just look up your history and voila!

                And if you do have the receipt, returning will be a simple process. You've only had it for less than a year, so there really shouldn't be any problems, even if you wanted a full refund.

                I strongly suggest you go with this option, since repairing it will cost you quite a bit.

                1. re: can_i_try_some

                  She has had the machine for 3 or 4 years. I don't think Costco will take it back. There is a limit to reasonable service. She still has not discribed how the machine is malfunctioning. her best solution is to call a distributor of Gaggia describe the problems. They will probably be able to diagnose over the phone. order the part and fix it themselves. These machines are not very complicated and there is plenty of info available on the net to help in the repair.

                  1. re: chipman

                    *facepalm*... for some reason I read that as 3/4, or 3 quarters of a year :p

                    I thought it was a weird way of saying 9 months. lol.

                    In that case, returning it after that long may be pushing it. But as monku suggested, it looks like they've had luck doing this in the past, so it may still be worth giving your Costco a call.

                2. re: pamlet

                  Definitely take it back to Costco and there's a very good chance they will refund you're money. You say you had it "3 to 4 years" you'd be surprised.
                  You really bought it there, they have a record of the purchase if you don't find the receipt.

                  I saw a guy return a broken toaster he had a couple years so I brought back a portable battery jumper. I had it a few years and returned it because the battery wouldn't charge anymore.They took it back returned my money once they found it on the computer.
                  It's worth a try. Why do you have to lose at this point. The newer policy of 90 day returns is for electronic items not appliances.

                  Otherwise if you're husband is somewhat handy and can figure out the problem he can replace the part.

          2. Have you ever "descaled" your espresso maker?
            If you haven't that very well could be the problem.

            1. pamlet - we need to know what progress you have made ;).

              If the Costco return recommendation doesn't work then scout out a local Boston firm that sells and services Gaggia.

              To help troubleshoot your specific problem,'s forums, having hundreds of active members very familiar with Gaggia products, would be far more useful than chowhound. They, most likely, would be able to diagnose the problem and be able to advise whether you can afford to repair it, given your circumstances.

              Where I live, the local dealer, charges $100.00 for routine servicing, including descaling, plus parts if needed.

              1. The Gaggia Espresso machine that I bought had a 1 year warranty. The warranty Owners Record card that came with the machine had an address and toll-free number on it. I had a problem with my machine and they were very helpful when I telephone them. I was instructed to take the machine to a nearby authorized repair dealer and it was repaired without cost. Hope they are still representing Gaggia.
                596 Fishers Station Dr.
                Victor, NY 14564