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Nov 20, 2009 01:03 PM

Bloor and Jane

I'm looking for recommendations for anything interesting within a mile or so of Bloor and Jane. Good food trumps ambiance. Preferably inexpensive but not necessarily dirt cheap. Suggestions?

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  1. "Los Arrieros" it's a great Colombian-South American Restaurant...great food at a reasonable price.... it's located close to Jane St. and Bloor (276 Jane Street, Toronto, ON M6S 3Z2416-761-1600‎) ..Good Luck!

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    1. re: TorontoFoodCritic

      I'll second Los Arrieros. I'll also add Lemongrass, Sharky's, Pizzaiolo, Vesuvios, My Thai Kitchen, Ottimo and ViBo.

      1. re: Boodah

        What do you like at Los Arrieros?

        1. re: tochipotle

          The empanadas (watch out of the salsa they send with them, it's very, very hot), the tacos and the burritos and the lemon chicken (don't remember what exactly it's called on the menu).

      2. re: TorontoFoodCritic

        I can't find a website. Do they do take-out, delivery? Just sit-down?

        They sound great.

        1. re: Davedigger

          No idea if they do take-out although I'm assuming they do since I've taken leftovers home from there before. I highly doubt they do delivery. I've never seen a website for them (I've looked before).

      3. Falafel World is where I go.. I get one shawarma and one falafel and can never finish them both.. eat the falafel first, the shawarma can last for later

        it's one of only 2 or 3 places I've found that uses all white meat for the shawarma

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        1. re: duckdown

          Great falafel at that place, I had a memory lapse and forgot to mention it.

        2. I really like Bryden's. Good pub food. Great atmosphere. Try the maple-whisky wings. YUMMMMMMMYYYY!!
          For more expensive food, I like Bloom. Good food and trendy atmosphere.

          1. Actually since we're on the topic of this neighbourhood, has anyone seen the "Yellow Griffin Pub" before?

            My buddy lives literally right at Jane & Bloor and I've driven by it many times.. They have a huge sign in their front window saying "Best burger in Toronto, we guarantee it" etc etc... Any truth to the claim? Somehow I doubt it


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            1. re: duckdown

              Let me tell you what happened to me when I went to Yellow Griffin the first time...took an exceptionally long time to get service, was seated upstairs on chairs that were about the height of the chairs I sat in when I was in kindergarten. The tables had copper hammered over them an underneath still had sharp edges protruding out all over the place (almost cut my hand open when I went to scratch my knee). When we ordered the waitress said to us "The burgers here are all made from scratch so it'll take about 20-30 minutes". Uhhh...what? The place wasn't busy at all so I don't know what was going on in there but it did, in fact, take about 20 minutes. And guess what? I found out why, they probably cooked the burger for the entire 20 minutes as it was like eating a hockey puck. That visit was about a year ago, went again this summer, had a similar experience. I have no plans to ever go back.

              1. re: Boodah


                I am not surprised; given the fact I've heard NOBODY on here mention it before.

                Thanks for confirming, definitely not sounding good


                1. re: Boodah

                  Avoid the Yellow Griffin. Only went once and that was enough. Took forever to get the burgers (even though they weren't busy), probably a good 45 minutes. Then some of the food was cold. The burgers I would consider mediocre at best. It was really a sad meal.

                  Yellow Griffin
                  2202 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6P, CA

                  1. re: camp1980

                    I had really very good burgers there twice. The wait was long, it's true, but what really rankled was the insanely high price for a pint -- as I recall it was something like $10. I figured that was how they make their money, felt robbed, and didn't go back after the second time.

                    1. re: Kitchen Imp

                      Kitchen Imp - it's so true. I think it's the most expensive pint in the neighbourhood! Also, the fries are really really bad.

              2. I live in the hood it's pretty lame on the foodie front, however:
                Falafal World is good
                Amber for Schnitzel etc.
                My Place, Brad Longs new place is great, have eaten there a few times in the last few wks and keep wanting to go back, well worth the visit...
                And that Los Arrieros is always busy, gotta try that too..

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                1. re: dannyboy

                  As for the review for The Griffin the previous review is bang on...maybe even a bit kind in the review

                  Amber is great for schnitzel & perogies...

                  My Place is very good food, but far from what the original poster is asking for when "Preferably inexpensive" is mentioned...$22 fish and chips in a cavernous pub??...curious as to what this place will be like when Brad Long leaves...

                  I also like Bloom...much better since new ownership has taken over...but maybe still on the expensive side...

                  If your looking for a sweet fix...Sweet Flour hits the spot...

                  The Trubador is a funky spot in the Junction that had decent homey food...great if you like music

                  The best bang for your buck is probably Bryden's...a usual haunt of mine...very good pubby style fare with their own twist on it at very reasonable prices...also easily the best draft selection west of say Victory in the annex...been a staple in the village for over a decade...right at Bloor and Jane


                  1. re: BloorWestie...

                    We had an absolutely appalling meal at My Place on Sunday night. $14 for a BLT on oily, foamy bread with ONE slice of pale grey limp blubber on it, apparently uncooked, plus a heap of the heaviest, oiliest fries I've ever had. All of us reported feeling nauseated during the night afterward. Never again!