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Nov 20, 2009 12:59 PM

Anyone Been to Wheatfields in Clifton Park?

I have not been to Wheatfields in Saratoga Springs. Just learned the NEW Clifton Park location is open. Has anyone been yet? Are they offering any "soft open" discounts?

PS Is this a sign that Clifton Park's reign as a culinary wasteland might be coming to an end?

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  1. Have not been, but walked out of Saratoga location a few year's ago. Bread dish and silverware had crude on them. Vowed not to return!

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    1. Haven't eaten in the SS Wheatfields in years, for good reason. Have had a few lunches and one dinner there when we couldn't get in elsewhere, and found it reliably insipid. Don't know anything about the restaurant scene in Clifton Park, but would not rely on Wheatfields to cure it

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        Thanks, mjoyous. Just learned my SO is not a fan of Wheatfields either . . .Is it worth a try for lunch? Or should I just stick to my own cooking, The Jonesville Store, a few favorites in SS or Schenectady's Little Italy?

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          I suppose any place is worth a try, especially at lunch. Perhaps you'll be surprised--if so, let us know! My guess is your home cooking is superior.

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            You and I seem the agree on our choices of most eateries. I used to go to Wheatfields occasionally, but their filthy silverware and bread plate really turned me off.
            I love Jonesville Store and your Schenectady favorites. For dinner, we both agree on Bloomers and Cafe Capriccio. By the way, I just had an extremely enjoyable meal at D'Raymonds.

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              mjoyous & jaylhorner, looks like I'll save my $$$

              I still have not been to D'Raymonds . . .keep hearing great things.

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                BTW, for anyone who wants to go it's by Exit 9 (wine store) in one of the Clifton Park malls.