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Nov 20, 2009 12:56 PM

Which restaurants do you consider 'healthy'?

I'm looking for a place that can accomodate vegan/vegetarians and raw food people in addition to folks that like warm items covered in cheese. Galaxy and Zocalo came to mind. Any other suggestions?

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  1. East Side Cafe. Ate there again the other night, had the Blue Plate Special; am always impressed by their daily specials which attempt to showcase fruits an veggies grown in their garden out back. Had fresh kale stuffed with savory lentils and a tiiny bit of feta and ricotta-- just enough to give it some tang. These "rolls" were topped with a tasty roasted red pepper puree sauce, served witha side of gorgeous watermelon radishes (grown there) tossed in vinaigrette, plus a side ceasar and all the jalapeno mini cornbread muffins you can eat for $8.95. For the meat eaters, they make decent salmon dishes (esp. the salmon benedict at brunch time) and meat-topped salads.

    1. Some of the best Veg/Vegan in town is at Mother's Garden in Hyde Park, Mr. Natural (Mexican food), S. Lamar and E. Cesar Chavez, and then Casa de Luz, behind Zach Scott theater...
      At all of these place, with the exception of Casa de Luz, you can get cheese and people who are not Veggie's will get something yummy to eat..

      1. Have you looked into Blue Dahlia? They've got some really good hot food, plus great salads and cold plates. They use a lot of local ingredients, too.