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Nov 20, 2009 12:56 PM

Which restaurants do you consider 'healthy'?

I'm looking for a place that can accomodate vegan/vegetarians and raw food people in addition to folks that like warm items covered in cheese. Galaxy and Zocalo came to mind. Any other suggestions?

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    1. Whole foods HQ have a raw food counter as well as just about everything else. That's not my thing but I was able to accommodate my good friend (who is into raw) and grab a beer and barbecue sandwich at the same time. It's really a good option for a group with vastly different preferences.

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      1. re: Rene

        Casa de Luz sounds like it'd fit the bill too.

        1. re: foodiegal71

          There is no cheese on anything at Cas de Luz.
          It's all macrobiotic, so no beer or wine, or decent coffee.

          Mother's would seem to be a good choice.

        2. re: Rene

          Ditto on Whole Foods. And the Buffet has among the the widest variety of healthy choices in town. It is my casual go-to place if I have a crew of mixed dining preferences. I buy a large roll and make up fun and interesting sandwiches from the Vegie and non-vegie options. Over several years I rarely repeat a combination. And rarely spend over $8.

          1. re: Paul Silver

            I rarely see anything really healthy at WF and it drives me crazy. Granted, they have a large selection that includes many vegetables, but everything is too greasy, not cooked in the healthiest way and just not healthy.

        3. Sunflower Vietnamese on Research just south of Target. Veggie spring rolls and the tofu salad are raw and very tasty. Many other veggie options are available.

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            A Vietnamese girl told me about Sunflower today. She said it is the best most authentic in town?

          2. You won't find many places that can handle raw foods and the cheese obssessed.

            WF's Raw Bar is pretty good but I wouldnt call it healthy. Other raw food places on W. 6th street are the Living Beet's Cafe and the cafe next to Bella Salon. Haven't been to either.

            Other healthy choices I enjoy are Steeping Room in the domain (probably no raw but can handle vegans), Food for Fitness Cafe, and Leaf.

            1. Have you been to Snack Bar yet on S. Congress? Chef is trained in macrobiotic arts and they have a lot of things on the menu to accommodate veggie/vegan/gluten-free and other special diets. Everything I've had there has been on the light side, though they are not afraid to throw some bacon on a sandwich if you ask. Great coffee.

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              1. re: tipsytexan

                I haven't been there but I have heard about it. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks.

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                  On your recommendation, tipsytexan, we went to Snack Bar the other day for brunch. What I like most about it is you can order as much as you desire, small plate or big platter. I had a Rock Star bagel and a scrambled egg. I enjoyed my egg but my bagel was kind of meh. It was chewy all the way thru. I like my bagels chewy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. My husband had fried eggs and wheat toast. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the the toast was very hearty. He liked both very much. The coffee is very good, especially if you drink it black as it's on the medium side rather than bold. They also serve filtered water. I was surprised that I could taste the difference because I think the water in Austin is very good; but I definitely could.

                  The atmosphere is 60's dineresque, very cute. The music was pleasant when we were there, level and type. Unlike many restaurants in Austin, it's a nice place for conversation. The service was extremely friendly but a little bumpy. They haven't been open very long so maybe they have a few kinks to work out on that front.

                  From looking at the menu, it seems like a place that could accommodate a lot of different tastes:


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                    even the yelp reviews (which are usually laden with "OMG!!11 i luv this place" posts) are talking about the crappy service, so-so food and beautiful space.
                    i am waiting until they iron out the kinks.

                    1. re: dinaofdoom

                      We've been going to snack bar off and on for brunch for awhile now. The service friendly but not efficient when we first started going there. Yesterday, it was a whole different story. Friendly as always, all the wait staff seemed to be on the same page. Coffee was plentiful. The food came out fast. We had to wait a few minutes for an available table. We asked for coffee while we waited. They brought it right away and offered us chips and salsa. Snack Bar has also made some adjustments to their menu. And, the waiter made it very clear that they would be happy to alter any order to our liking. It seems like they're really trying to improve things. Breakfast/Lunch is available until 4pm.

                      Yesterday, I had the OhM Sandwich (fried egg). My husband had eggs and whole wheat toast with potatoes. We ate simply but everything was hot and good. The coffee is exceptional. We took my mother to Snack Bar over the holidays. She had the Soco Benny (house-cured wild salmon, steamed spinach & poached farm
                      eggs on 2 petite belgian waffles topped with hollandaise) and loved it.

                      I just read on the Snack Bar website that they are developing a tea time/snack happy hour. That sounds very exciting to me.