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Nov 20, 2009 12:36 PM

Where to get espresso machine fixed?

Our Gaggia seems to have given up the ghost -- we think it's the sensor for the pump. Is there anywhere around here that might be able to fix it? (And yes, it might not be worth it, but that's something for another board.) We're in Brookline, so anywhere closer to there is better.

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  1. I would recommend getting in touch with the company. They may be able to tell you where to get it fixed locally, or perhaps where to send it. It may be under some sort of warranty. I've been having great success getting things replaced by contacting companies.

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      Well, it's probably worth a call, but it's about 3/4 years old, so I'm sure the warranty is expired.

      1. re: CookieLee

        I am looking for a place to repair my VitaMix. I broke it by running it with a spoon in it. Oops. I'm devastated. I will try calling the company. It's definitely not under warranty anymore.

        1. re: Marisa23

          I wonder how pamlet fared. Don't despair yet, Marisa23. I'll be interested to see what they can do for you. Fingers crossed!

      2. You could try Fixmasters on Center St in West Roxbury. When our Delonghi toaster oven died it was still under warranty and the company sent us there. Later we brought in our Krups coffee mill, which was not under warranty but the cost to get it fixed was about half of a new one. if you're no put off by the gruff attitude of the people who work there, they can probably take care of your machine.

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