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Nov 20, 2009 12:24 PM

Frederick Maryland

I am thinking of moving into the area, how is the dining in Frederick? I would love to hear from anyone about any style/ethnicity food. Thanks

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  1. Dining in Frederick is really, really good for the size of the town.

    Volt is the hot table right now - Bryan Voltaggio (from Top Chef) is the owner and it's on par with some of the finest in DC proper.

    Isabella's for tapas is one of my favorites.

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    1. re: reiflame

      cant remember the name but theres a sweet cuban joint

    2. lovely. my favorite town in america.

      theres a great vietnamese place uhmm lucky corner? at the very end of Market st. Nigrils is an indian restaurant with awesome goat on the weekend buffet.

      Cafe Nola is great for healthy-ish vegetarian-friendly fare.

      Volt is... well... TOP CHEF AWESOME FOOD.

      The pizza and pretzel creation place has maybe the best calzones ever.

      the cuban place is authentic

      uhmmmm..... oh! Black Pig is great for BBQ....

      brewers alley and barley and hops both have good made-on-premise beers and above-average barpubamerican food.

      etcetcetc. :)

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        The Cuban place is called That Cuban Place. The bbq place is called Black Hog. The Indian place is called Nilgiris. Frederick has a lot of great restaurants. Check out the local Frederick blog, particularly the Food and Drink section:

      2. If we lived in Frederick, Firestone's would be our regular haunt. Terrific bar and restaurant. Have had lunch and dinner there in the past 6 months and both were outstanding.