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Nov 20, 2009 10:56 AM

I-295 Diners

My nightly commute takes me from Exit 36A thru Exit 65B. What decent diners are close to what 295 Exit>

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  1. If you are travelling this route and want diners, go north on 73 and take 130 which parallels I-295 and meets it at I-295 exit 57. Many, many diners on 130, and the lights are timed so traffic moves. However back to I-295:
    Exit 36 - Sage Diner is on Rte 73 about a mile south (or east) I've had some good meals there.
    Going north there isn't much of anything until you get to Exit 57 in Bordentown
    Wisdom Diner is about a half mile north (north on 130 to first right on Farnsworth Ave, 2 blocks to diner. inexpensive and decent food.
    Further north on 130 (a little over a mile) are Town & Country on right and Mastoris on left
    T&C is OK but not exceptional.
    Many folks go nuts over Mastoris. I think it's too expensive and too much food. There are lots of comments about it on this site. It is certainly decent.
    Exit 61-62 A small diner on White Horse Rd at Kuser called Fame. I've only had their breakfast - quite good and not expensive. A bit further north on White Horse is Golden Dawn II - a lot of cars in the lot, breakfast is not cheap. Dinner was only fair a couple of years back.
    Exit 63 - Golden Gate used to here (2201 Nottingham Way). It reopened recently with another name. I stopped there for breakfast a few weeks ago. good food, good prices

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      Just to add to what carl555 wrote, Golden Dawn is HIGHLY inconsistent. Breakfasts are ok. Dinners can be TERRIBLE, depending on what you get. The service is usually quite good though. I go there because they are close by and unfazed if I sit down (when they're not crowded) for a couple hours with my work and just take my time eating and drinking tea. Sometimes I have a good dinner, but usually I stick to stuff like grilled cheese and baked potatoes or breakfasts.

      Fame is a place that has a very devoted following. My father loves the place because apparently they make their own soups (I don't know if this is still true). They close pretty early though, I think.