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Nov 20, 2009 10:38 AM

Help!!! Dumplings!! [London]

Hello everyone...
Iàm not new to this board, although I have to say I read more than posting...sorry!

I need your help!
I have a very serious addiction to Chinese Dumplings....the Jiao zi.
I am Italian although have been living in London for years...still I have never managed to find the dumplings I am used to eat in my favourite Chinese restaurant out of China, which is Hang-Zhou in Rome, by the way!

They do Pork dumplings, spring-rolls with cabbage, carrots and soya sprouts as starters and main courses are usually Kung-Pao chicken, Almond Chicken or Sweet and sour Pork or spicy pork belly....

The kind of Chinese food we have in Italy is just my favourite...and I can't seem to find it in London! Can anyone help with this?
Thanks a lot!

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  1. Ba Shan in Soho do the best dumplings I've had in London. They're really very good. Baozi Inn (a connected cafe/restaurant) also do very nice dumplings (but less variety). Ba Shan does come at quite a cost though, Baozi Inn less so.

    I am a self-confessed fanatic also, and when I lived in China for a year I probably ate about 6-7 dumplings every day - they were also pretty much free. I've made them a few times too, although it is a serious hassle. Another alternative is to buy them frozen (they're pretty good although nothing beats them freshly made).

    I do know of one more place that does them well - Red Chilli in Manchester. But that's...well...in Manchester. So I'm very much interested if anyone else knows anywhere else that does good jiaozi.

    1. The best dumplings I've had at uni or possibly anywhere are the lamb and onion ones at Silk Road. Highly recommended and super cheap. They also sell them frozen by the bag.

      1. I like the shui2 jiao3 at Superstar in Chinatown, but haven't been in a year or so.

        1. Definitely agree with JFores - try Silk Road. Well worth the trip, even if you don't live nearby.

          Read some reviews here: http://www.london-eating.co.uk/35489.htm

          Jen Cafe in Chinatown does great dumplings - http://www.london-eating.co.uk/35489.htm

          Ba Shan is sadly not as good as it once was, but still not a bad choice for dumplings and other Sichuan / Xin Jiang small plates. Jen Cafe is a lot cheaper though.

          Noodle Oodle (Oxford St) is also worth a visit for hand-pulled noodles and xiao long bao (soup filled dumplings).

          1. Thanks everyone! Can't wait to try Silk road...mmmm do you kow if itàs open for luch?