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ISO yummy breakfast in SD area

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I love breakfast and I'm looking for the best in SD. Great eggs bene, fluffy omlettes, the best pancakes, anything in the AM category that's different or original

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    1. T's Cafe in Solana is fantastic.

      For the best mexican breakfast try Tequila 100 (or something like that) downtown.

      1. Cavaillon Sunday brunch
        Mission Cup Cafe or Isabel's Cantina

        1. Huevos Oaxaqueno at Super Cocina. Their chilaquiles are also great.

          1. Call me a reactionary type...but Hob Nob Hill makes really good roast-beef hash and perfect scrambled eggs. Setting is a bit stodgy, but if you want nice diner food with excellent service and great coffee, this place never fails. Their biscuits are pretty good, too.

            1. * The pancakes at Cafe on Park are really good, portion is large. Too large if you ask me

              *The pumpkin waffle at Cafe 222 at 2nd and Island is worth the wait in line

              *Eggs Benedict at The Original Pancake House on Convoy are surprisingly good for a chain. Best ones I've had in SD were at Arterra in Del Mar

              * Terra in Hillcrest does a pretty good champagne breakfast on the weekends and if you choose judiciously, you can keep it under $10

              * Isabella Cantina in PB, one of the best breakfasts in SD. Nosiy, but good.

              1. If you are inclined to drive east, the cafe at Lake Cuyamaca serves an excellent Austrian breakfast. The owner is from Austria, and he imports sausages from his home country. They also make an excellent potato pancake.

                Husband and I ate there last Monday, and I swear my sunny side eggs were so FLUFFY, they looked like small puffs of marshmallow cream.

                And their pie is wonderful.