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Nov 20, 2009 10:02 AM

No Indian food in Great Neck/Little Neck area?


How did I never know this? I just moved to a complex in Great Neck and have searched high and low for a decent Indian restaurant. I initially looked for one that would deliver (good luck!) and am now just looking for somewhere I can call in an order and go pick it up. Does *anyone* have a lead for me? Thank in advance!

  1. not sure how far to little neck you are but there are so many indian restaurants in floral park / glen oaks, mostly along hillside avenue, a few blocks in both directions from little neck parkway. I don't think they deliver as far but certainly, there are some choices. I'm not too familiar myself but whenever I go up there, I just walk around and pick up whatever is good. The only one consistently written up is Mumbai Xpress.

    There are also some places on Union Turnpike, also between commonwealth, little neck and lakeville road. A place on union is around 249th, there is also Santoor in the glen oaks shopping center, and a place very close to lake success.

    after all, that whole area is basically the suburbs of jackson heights; tons of indian groceries in the area as well, a patel brothers and also a subzi mandi on hillside.

    1. You need to go a bit south to Union Tpke. or Hillside Avenue, as there are quite a few in Floral Park, Glen Oaks and New Hyde Park. I like Santoor on Union Tpke.

      However, if you don't mind taking a little further ride, Southern Spice in Flushing is really worth it.

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