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Nov 20, 2009 10:01 AM

No Indian food in Great Neck/Little Neck area?

How did I never know this? I just moved to a complex in Great Neck and have searched high and low for a decent Indian restaurant. I initially looked for one that would deliver (good luck!) and am now just looking for somewhere I can call in an order and go pick it up. Does *anyone* have a lead for me? Thank in advance!

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  1. There's an Indian neighborhood around Hillside Avenue on the Queens side of Floral Park. I went out there specifically to try Kerala Kitchen (the only Keralan restaurant in the city I know of) and was not impressed, but I noticed several other Indian restaurants. I'd say that neighborhood (streets in the 260s on Hillside) is your best bet--scope it out, pick up some takeout menus, etc.

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      Kerala Kitchen is not really very close to GN or LN. If you are going I assume you have a car. If so you might as well drive a little further and go to Flushing to Southern Spice, or another luminary in Queens. Great Neck is a barren wasteland for decent food.

    2. Despite the fact that Great Neck has a significant Indian population there are no Indian restaurnts nearby. Why there is no Kosher Indian joint is beyond my understanding. As others have written, you need to go south to the Floral Park/Glen Oaks area, ten minutes down Middleneck/Lakeville Road. The best and spiciest food is take out only (they have tables but you would not want to eat there) at Fiza Diner, cheap and really delicious. The most comfortable and fanciest restaurant is Heritage, food is good and it is a nice place for an evening out. They have great vegetarian food, superb chaats, at Mumbai Xpress. Santoor puts out the best buffet.

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        Thanks all for your input! I am going on Saturday to Santoor and look forward to trying the others as well and finding my favorite. I had no idea that "area" existed and am delighted! I will definitely be ordering some take out in the near future. Thank Chows!

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          As mentioned above, Heritage is pretty good. If you're willing to drive to Port Washington, I think Diwan is excellent. And of course there are plenty of good places in Hicksville but that's quite a hike.