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Nov 20, 2009 08:47 AM

The Local

Has anyone been? went last night, not very good...

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  1. Thought the pickle chips were pretty good when I had them, sounds like they forgot to batter yours. Can't remember what else I had, but I do remember thinking that I wish they'd just let you bring in some Blue Ribbon, and spend your money on drinks.

    1. this joint has never thrilled me, that said there is a wait most evenings, so somebody likes it. they seem to do just fine. where s the incentive for change?

      1. Agree that the burger and fries were nothing to write home about, but the lobster mac and cheese was deliciously rich, creamy and chock full of lobster on a recent visit. I can't imagine the place crowded and wouldn't consider waiting for for than 2 minutes. That said, I've enjoyed my few visits, on weekends, at the bar, for a casual lunch with average food and friendly service.

        1. If your going to offer lobster mac & cheese without a 5 cent ritz cracker crumb topping and stick it under the broiler for a few minutes....why bother? The truffle fries and fried pickles are good starters. Seems like this place could easily double their wait line by taking the food up a few easy notches. Wifey and I go once in a while, then remember why we don't go more often. Trying to get a seat at the small bar is a challenge, and if you get seated in the way back room, there is NO vibe whatsoever.

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            OK, I'll bite...

            Maybe because not all of us want our mac & cheese baked, much less broiled, especially with a "5 cent ritz cracker crumb topping"?

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              A follow up is required, I took home the left over lobster mac & cheese and the next day put about "5 cents of ritz cracker crumb topping" on it, along with some salted butter, and stuck it under the broiler to crisp the topping. Could you believe, it was so darn good I almost fell off my chair. So, the next time I go to The Local, I'll bring my own "5 cents of ritz cracker crumb topping", a bit of salted butter, and ask the server to ask the kitchen to crumb, butter and broil my lobster mac & cheese.

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              The Local
              1391 Washington Street, West Newton, MA 02465