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Nov 20, 2009 08:31 AM

Shrimp Stock instead of Fish Stock?

Hi, Y'all,

I'm making Redfish Courtbouillon tonight and I was thinking of using shrimp stock instead of fish stock.

Any reasons why this would be a baaaaaad idea?


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  1. A baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea???.. Well it's not something I would do...To me Courtbouillon is about the fish....Redfish or (River) Catfish. Shrimp stock would completely change the flavor profile for me! Morphing it into something esle ~~~ Make a stock/broth out of the bones etc.


    1. No, it shouldn't.

      I 've used shrimp stock in boullabaise, seafood risotto, and even things like clam chowder.

      1. no reasons i can think of, although a shrimp stock might be slightly sweeter than a fish one