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Nov 20, 2009 08:18 AM

Montreal birthday dinner... for a vegetarian!?

I'm surprising my husband with a weekend in Montreal for his 40th and need a restaurant for his birthday dinner on Saturday night. We'll be with another couple so I'm looking for something with a fun atmosphere, upscale but not stuffy, and of course very good food. From other reviews it seems Montreal restos are known for foie gras, game, and other meaty delights... but my husband is a fish-eating vegetarian!! What to do?

I've read reviews of Graziella, DNA, Le Locale and Chez L'Epicier. Would those suit us? What else would you recommend for a Saturday night?


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  1. Au Cinquième Péché has vegetarian and pescatairan options as well as dishes aplenty for carnivores.

    Of the restos you list, Graziella would be your best bet.

    1. i live around here and have seen this rest. NEVER EATEN.

      they are having a special for thier 25th anniv.
      4 service meal& half bottle of wine for $30 pp
      seems like a nice place, popular, seen bdays there

      le bourlingueur

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        I'd love to know if Le Bourlingeur is good, as we often get requests for quality, decently-priced restos in Old Montréal. Their billing as Alsatian, and not generically "French", seems a good sign.

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          I did a write-up back in early July, but I don't know how to link it into this reply. If you search Le Bourlingeur, you'll see my review.

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          Thanks for the help. I have also been directed to try Kitchenette. The online menu seemed to have several vegetarian options.

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            thanks will give their 25th menu try, quite incredible to be 25 years in business in kind of back street of old montreal, just across from history museum, they have a little terrace in corner of parking lot which i have noticed to be full summer evenings . On webpage they put children welcome, should see more of that on restaurant websites in montreal I think these kind of places have their regulars but why not give it a try....special is till sept. 30, so good opportunity

          2. It might not be fancy enough for a birthday, but Chuchai on St-Denis serves outstanding vegan thai food. They use tofu and seitan (wheat gluten) as meat substitutes, but the food is no worse for it. Some of the best Thai and definitely the best vegetarian I've had.

            Chuchai Et Chuch Vegethaiexpress
            4094 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M5, CA

            1. I know that this is an old thread but wanted to post my thoughts in case others stumble across it. I was at DNA recently with a vegetarian. We advised the restaurant when we made the reservation and the kitchen mad a special menu for him (we booked for the tasting menu). I think the vegetarian had a better meal than we did! Some innovative ideas.

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                Yes, DNA is great with special dietary restrictions. I've gone with people with severe allergies who normally have trouble getting nice meals and they're been very happy with their food and the subtle way it was all done.