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Nov 20, 2009 07:13 AM

OK, here goes pizza in NM?

OK New Mexico hounds, as much as I used to hate "Best XYZ" threads on the Boston board when I lived there, I think the time has come. Curiosity has gotten the better of me, and I'm really interested in hearing everyone's thoughts.

So...what's your favorite pizza in New Mexico? High-end or low-end, NY-style or CA-style or Neapolitan, from Las Cruces to Farmington, I'd love to hear your go-tos for this de facto food group.

In my limited time as a Santa Fe resident, it's been Dion's all the way for me. The crust has its good nights and not-so-good nights, but when it's on, a Dion's green chile, pepperoni, and red onion pizza is as close to pizza perfection as I've found in the state.

How about YOU? (and thanks in advance!)

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  1. "as I used to hate "Best XYZ" threads on the Boston board ..."

    I hate those "best" threads, too. At least in the body of your post you called it "favorite." That's the only reason that I'm going to answer (snit, snit) because you should have just titled the thread "Favorite Pizza."

    My favorite is Taos Pizza Outback. I espeically like how they use sesame seeds on the perimeter of the crust. I've plagiarized that little touch and use it when I make my own pizza which actually is the BEST in New Mexico.

    1. My favorite is Giovanni's in ABQ, on San Pedro between Gibson and Zuni. Just a slice of pie with a coke takes me back to being a kid again. I also like Dion's and Saggio's.

      1. In Las Cruces we ( specifically my husband and I) have 2 favorite spots for pizza. Number 1 is SI Italian Bistro, its located on Idaho behind Albertsons, they have a traditional wood fired oven that was shipped over from Italy and rebuilt here. The crust is thin and crisp, the toppings are fresh and of good quality, and I love that they have more then just your basic pepperoni and limited veggies to choose from. Also, they make their dough, sauce, and sausage in house, which is always a plus.

        Our second choice is Zeffiro's. Its new to LC, I'd say its been open about 6 months or so, located in the downtown on Water st. The city is really trying to revitalize our downtown area and I love the fact that Zeffiro went in there. The ambiance is great, and the pizza's are awesome. Again, the crust is thin, with just enough balance of chewy/crispy. They have a few sauce options, which is very nice, their pesto is some of the best I've ever had. They have probably the largest selection of toppings as well. They really make a stellar pie and they are in the process of opening a NYC style eatery near the university, which I cant wait to try out. Also, they make homemade baguettes and ciabatta that are to die for. mmmmm. Now I want something ooey, gooey and cheesy!

        1. Giovanni has really excellent pizza, NY style. My favorite in Venezia's. There are a couple of locations and it is really the closest to NY pizza in the area -- we know, we tried them ALL when we moved to ABQ from NY.

          California Pizza Kitchen at Uptown has good pizza for a chain.

          NYPD has good pizza too; Dion's works but not NY style.

          Venezia's is the all around best NY pizza.

          FWIW - Venezia also has EXCELLENT Chick parm heroes. Almost as good as mine!

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            Venezia's used to be my favorite but regarding the one in Rio Rancho, the toppings started creeping to far to the center, the pizza might be 16" but theres only toppings on 10" Ive converted to Frattelli's, it's on Southern in the Albertsons strip mall. The "New York" is awesome and overflowing with toppings..

            1. re: DebitNM

              I agree that my Venezia's experience has been very good. Really chewy crust - which makes a NY style slice sooooo good.

              For Neopolitan ultra-thin crust, its Farina, hands down. Nearly (maybe) as good as Pizzeria Bianco in PHX.

            2. Rooftop in Santa Fe makes really high quality "Yuppy" style pizza. They do toppings like smoked duck, salmon, and use good quality cheese. The crust which comes in both regular and blue corn is thin and very tasty.I'm from NYC and I like my crust thin with a bit of crispness to it. I think Dion's is lousy.Cheap ingredients doughy and heavy. There is also a place in the new mall near Lowes on Zarrarano which used to be called Patsy's and is now called Lucchi's which serves a simple well made classic pizza. In terms of chains, Upper crust sometimes shows up with a decent pizza, sometimes its garbage.The greek pizza is a good choice.