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Nov 20, 2009 07:04 AM

help! need to buy wine and cheese on Thanksgiving day...

i am flying into san francisco thanksgiving day. i want to buy a few bottles of wine and some cheese to take to a friends place for thanksgiving dinner. unfortunately, bi-rite, the ferry plaza and k&L wines will be closed.

does anyone out there know where i could pick up some wine and cheese on thanksgiving day?


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  1. Safeway's the only place I know of that's open on Thanksgiving. Some of the bigger ones actually have pretty good wine selections. The one on16th between Bryant and Potrero is a good bet.

    1. Whole foods will be open, check the website for store locations in sf and holiday hours.

      1. All Mollie Stones Markets will be open on Thanksgiving day. I shop at the Mollie Stones Tower Market near Twin Peaks (Teresita at Portola) -- they have excellent wine and cheese sections.

        Mollie Stone Tower Market
        635 Portola Dr, San Francisco, CA 94127

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          If Molly Stones is open, the store at BayHill shopping center in San bruno is just a 5 minute ride from SFO

        2. Andronico's Market
          Open at 7 am and closing at 4 pm on Thanksgiving Day

          1200 Irving Street between 14th Ave. and Funston
          San Francisco, CA 94122-2121
          (415) 661-3220