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Nov 20, 2009 06:55 AM

Thanksgiving bday cake: Silver Moon or Georgia's?

Hey Chowhounders: I need to buy a birthday cake for Thanksgiving day. We're on the UWS and typically frequent Georgia's for cakes, but Silver Moon isn't that far away. Any strong feelings about either one? (We tend to go chocolate ganache, but that's not a hard and fast rule, so other options are ok. No carrot or T-giving day themed, though). Planning to order in advance and probably pick up on Wednesday or Thursday.


And thanks!

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  1. I would go wiith Silver Moon. . I placed my order last week and they told me they already had so many orders that I was advised to pickup on Tuesday rather than Wednesday (it will be a zoo in here on Wed). Don't think they will be open Thursday.o if I were you I'd order now.

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      Thanks, Ann - may I be pushy enough to ask you what kind of cake? I don't know their products as well.

      1. re: drummergirl

        cup cake cafe. We used to drive down from Westchester to pick them up. Beautiful to look at and yummy to eat.

        1. re: jwg

          jwg - I remember going to cupcake cafe when I worked in the neighborhood (9th Ave) years ago, and enjoying the cakes; just out of the way for me this go-round.

    2. Silver Moon is great. Haven't tried Georgia's, but if you're not too far from Soutine on 70th and Columbus you might also try their Concord cake, which is chocolate meringue and with chocolate mousse. It's my fave birthday cake.

      1. Silver Moon Bakery is the best bakery west of Paris. However, for a chocolate ganache cake, the gold-leaf chocolate cake from Georgia's is out of this world. So if the Pure Decadence chocolate ganache cake at Silver Moon is anything like the one at Georgia's you surely won't be disappointed.

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          amandaadrienne, I take it that you haven't had the Pure Decadence cake?

          And boy, Soutine's looks yummy, too.

        2. Silver Moon seems to me better for breads and pastries, but Georgia's Bake Shop better for cakes. My absolutely lovely next door neighbor when I lived on the UWS gave me a chocolate mousse cake the size and shape of a baseball one year, which might've been the nicest chocolate cake I've had in NYC. It was delicious and beautiful (despite my schlocky comparison to a baseball :).