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Nov 20, 2009 06:40 AM

Good martini near Shimizu?

Going to Shimizu tonight and looking for a place to have a good martini - like one might get at Keens for example - in the area around 51st and 8th Ave. Some things I'm trying to avoid: loud music, bad bartenders, theater district ripoffs - though I'm happy to pay premium for a well stirred cocktail in a pleasant environment. Any suggestions?

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  1. Good plan! A martini before Shimizu sounds like a great evening. I actually had a very good martini at the bar at Shimizu. They had very good gin (I believe Plymouth). I don't think the bartender had too many customers order one so I walked him through it. Still, good olives and very good stuff. Probably not as good as the sushi you'll have right after.
    : )

    You could also try Marseille. Not too far away.

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      Ha. Didn't even occur to me... I thought it was exclusively a sake/shochu bar. Thanks for the tip.

    2. I can't vouch for it specifically, but I believe that Vice Versa is right across the street. They may be able to make a good martini. Enjoy Shimizu!