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Nov 20, 2009 06:34 AM

Eats in/near Bynam, Mississippi?

We will be staying in Bynam, MS. next Monday (11/23). Any good eats in town or nearby for dinner?

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      1. re: dochoch

        Not sure what kind of food you are looking for, but the place that stands out most in my mind down there is Stamps Superburger. I know that burgers aren't too romantic or anything, but these have to be seen (and tasted) to be believed! They are huge and they are tasty!

        It takes a while to cook 'em (they are prepared to order), so your best bet is to stop in, make your choice, pay, go get gas or do a little shopping, and come back- it really does take 15 minutes or so and you get mighty hungry waiting in there!