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Nov 20, 2009 05:43 AM

Any recommendations for a restaurant in the Chinatown Center?

I realize that there are a lot of choices there - any recommendations on a place to start - one that has some variety? Thanks in advance.....

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  1. i like First China BBQ. Search on this board, there are a lot of reviews.

    1. I really like Fortune. Especially for Dim Sum

      1. Two votes for First China BBQ. Also Lily's and Baquette House. The later serves more than banh mi.


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          The Pate Chaud at Baguette House is fantastic. Very addictive.

        2. If you like banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches), I really like Baguette House. It's in the back corner.

          First Chinese BBQ is like it sounds - Chinese BBQ and Cantonese cuisine. We really like the BBQ pork, the duck, the lo mein, and the hot pots. Much like Din Ho, they have a very extensive menu.

          TC Noodle House is supposed to specialize in Teochew cuisine, a regional Chinese style. I am not familiar with it at all so can't speak to its authenticity. Our sole trip we tried a couple of egg noodle dishes that were not unlike the same dishes (hu tieu, I think?) at Tan Tan.

          Speaking of Tan Tan, it used to be our favorite Pho place, but I think Pho Saigon at Chinatown has it beat. It's sort of a big, warehouse-y atmosphere, but the service is fast and the broth and noodles are great. The bun (vermicelli) is also really good there. Now I want pho for dinner...

          We have not been to Fortune, Wok on Fire, Korean Grill, or Fresh Tofu.

          Many of the places have menus or links posted here -

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              The Hot and Sour soup was also nothing special.