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Nov 20, 2009 12:32 AM

Curries in Seminole/Pinellas Park?

Has anyone tried the Indian restaraunt "Curries" on Park Blvd.? I believe it would be considered in Seminole since it is just east of Seminole Lanes bowling center on the south side of Park Blvd.. A fried from work told me they had a good lunch buffet, but he's not much of a foodie so I don't necessarily want to just go with his review.

I think I had read a mention of the "Taste of Punjab" restaurant further east (a couple of miles) on the same side of Park Blvd., but I couldn't find anything about Curries searching this forum. I'm completely new to Indian food, but I really want to try some. That and I would prefer not to start out trying bad Indian food and think I don't like it. Thanks for any info on this place or suggestions of better Indian restaurants in Pinellas County Florida.

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  1. You're striking out searching 'cause you're spelling it wrong.., It's spelled Curriez...
    -----------and when I drove past the other day it looked like they were closed---- permanently...

    A Taste of Punjab seems to get much better reviews anyway....