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Nov 19, 2009 09:49 PM

Special Dinner in Calgary

So I know alot of these topics are posted but I am looking for a special dinner out in Calgary. I am tempted to go back to Capo but I was considering trying something new; rush, alloy, rouge, or blink. Preferably upscale with an impressing menu and atmosphere.

Would anyone have any opinions?


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  1. Of your list, I've been to alloy, rouge and blink. We had some issues with our meal at Rouge. Blink is a solid option, but Alloy seems to have a bit more of that sumfin' sumfin' for a special dinner. Rush comes highly recommended on this board as well, but I haven't been yet. Chef's Table would also be a good option; the food is top notch, but I like the atmosphere of the dining room better at Blink and Alloy.

    1. I've been to Rush several times and would highly recommend it. The food is absolutely wonderful. My sister and I are planning to go and try the Blue Plate Special, I think it was. :) Have fun!

      1. I agree with marcopolo on Chef's Table. Was there last weekend, and other than the somewhat stark decor, nothing could be faulted: great food, great wine, great service. And really, the room isn't that bad and I had a table where I could watch the kitchen.

        Rush...was also there last weekend and while the food was spectacular (equal to, or maybe slightly better than CT) the service was horrible to the point that I'm not sure I would recommend it.

        Teatro is another one you might want to consider - never had any issues with the food and the room is spectacular.

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          re: the room at chef's table... Don't get me wrong, I liked the room there as well, and the art on the walls did fuel a few conversations. The view of the kitchen is nice, but I was facing the other way. But I like really dark and cozy dining rooms, so it probably didn't help that chef's table has pretty good sized windows and i ate there at the height of summer, lol. Now that the days are so short, I suspect i'd have a different impression of it.

        2. The recommendations here are all good for an upscale dinner.

          I've been to Rush a few times, always on a weeknight when it may be less busy, but have been consistently impressed with the food, wine and service.

          Chef's Table is also excellent, so is Teatro.

          I would also recommend River Cafe (I had a chef's tasting menu there some time back that was amazing, if you call ahead and arrange something like this it could be special).

          A friend of mine who frequents Alloy says the chef is on an extended absence of some kind (paternity leave if I remember correctly..?) and the quality of the food has not been as high lately.

          1. Rush and Chef's Table in that order. Shame to hear about bad service at Rush, that is the only place I've ever been in Calgary that even comes close to the incredible service I experienced at fine dining places in the US. Hope it was a one off.

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            1. re: slingshotz

              I hope it was a one-off too.

              Here's the story: hostess seated us, gave us wine list, not cocktail menu. Server (hereafter known as X) comes along, asks if we would like a drink, we point out that we haven't seen cocktail list. She goes for it, some other guy (hereafter #) comes and asks us if we would like wine...we explain the situation.

              X brings us water (1 btl sparkling, 1 still) and food menus, then returns with cocktails. We discuss food, my wife's fish allergy, etc... she leaves.

              # comes along, gives us bread, refills my water glass, asks us if we want wine yet, we say no, we will pair with our meals...not doing tasting menu...he leaves, my wife's water glass is empty.
              Somoene (**) brings us an amuse

              X comes back, takes our order for 3 courses and wine for the first...

              ** brings first courses - and puts my tuna in front of my wife... we point it out, he switches it, and we sit and wait for close to 5 minutes for wine.

              Wine comes... food is great...table cleared but bread crumbs remain on table...

              Course 2, X brings wine, food arrives promptly after, delived by ** who once again puts plates in front of wrong people ... bread crumbs remain.

              Table cleared, and finally for 3rd course food and wine to the right people both delivered by X...

              Dessert: we split one, I have a glass of dessert wine, wife has earl grey tea. Tea comes with cream, not milk! # pours my wine, and hit rim of glass so hard with bottle neck (trying to do a stylish 'hold the bottom of the bottle in palm of hand' move) that I am surprised it didn't break the glass.

              Long wait for bill after food gone...finally gets dropped off by X, taken away by #...returned, signed, we leave...bread crumbs remain on table.

              I've eaten in a lot of good places, including several michelin starred ones in europe, and what matters is detail. This was just sloppy. What made it even worse was that the evening before, we had been at Chef's Table, where everything was perfect.

              get our coctails,

              1. re: Dan G

                That is unfortunate about your evening at Rush.

                I hadn't considered Chef's Table. Would anyone recommend what would be the best for quality for price? I find sometimes I end up paying a lot for something I don't agree on.

                I think I have narrowed down the list to Capo, Chef's Table. The comments and Alloy's head chef on leave and the service complaints at Rush make me hesitant.

                Thanks for all the feed back in such short notice! Our dinner is tonight so I am going to have to make up my mind asap.

                Thanks all!