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Nov 19, 2009 07:37 PM

Smoked Black Cod

i'm looking for a wonderful fairly easy recipe for a sinfully delicious piece of smoked black cod i bought. Ideas?

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  1. Japanese: serve cold with hot freshly steamed rice

    Hakujin: serve cold with good crackers and some Tabasco

    1. Smoked black cod is better known in the US as that Jewish deli staple, sable (or sablefish). It's so delicious it doesn't need anything, really. I'd eat it plain, or sliced on a bagel with cream cheese. But it's also so rich that you'd probably want to make an appetizer portion rather than an entree.

      If you really want to do something more with it, try googling sablefish recipes, you may find more out there under that name than under black cod.