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Nov 19, 2009 07:00 PM

Wedding Reception on a VERY Tight Budget in LA

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a restaurant to hold a small wedding reception. It will be about 40-50 ppl. I am looking at $15 per person. ..yikes. Yes, $15. I know this might be limited to only Chinese restaurants. But if you know of any nice and clean ones, please let me know. Any suggestions appreciated!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Yeah, at that level, I think it's either Thai or Chinese.

      1. Check out the May Flower in Chinatown.
        They have a clean private room (which is on the corner of Spring and Ord) that they're always dying to use it. They have the two restaurant fronts and the private room on the corner which you can't see unless the door is open.
        Only speak with the owner Mrs. Ha, don't talk to Mr. Ha or the son...only Mrs. Ha and she's there only at nights usually after 7pm (7 nights a week). See her in person (don't call) and I'm sure she can work something out at that price. Give her a price range and make sure she tells you what the menu will be or you work out some kind of menu with her.
        It's going to be "cash only".
        May Flower Seafood Restaurant
        679 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA
        (213) 628-0116‎

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          thanks ive been looking all over chinatown for a decent restaurant. i was afraid i had to venture out to the san gabriel area.

        2. Hey

          I just threw a wedding on the cheap, and hired out the Kogi truck. You can have your guests eat all they want for less than $15 each. But if you would need to rent or find a venue... But let me tell ya, it was a hit!

          Some other options I looked into were:
          Chichen Itza
          La Casita Mexicana

          And the key for a cheap wedding is - don't go gringo. ;) We live in LA - take advantage! If you can avoid hiring any silly "Westside" vendors, caterers, DJs, whatever. People get married everyday in our town outside of Santa Monica and Beverly Hills - for less than a fortune.

          Congratulations and good luck!

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            i actually read about someone renting out the kogi truck. i was also looking into ogamdo cafe since their back patio is quirky...ill look into chicken itza and la casita mexicana. thanks!

          2. My $0.02...

            Special order a GIANT and delicious paella from La Espanola ($9 or so pp) and enjoy it in someone's backyard! People will be talking about it for quite some time afterwards.

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            1. re: J.L.

              we are also considering it being catered. we found a caterer for $500 that inc utensils and 9 different dishes. now we just have to find a spot in LA to rent for cheap. so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know lol =) (we are getting married at the albertons chapel off of la brea)