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Nov 19, 2009 07:00 PM

Wedding Reception on a VERY Tight Budget


Hi everyone,

I am looking for a restaurant to hold a small wedding reception. It will be about 40-50 ppl. I am looking at $15 per person. ..yikes. Yes, $15. I know this might be limited to only Chinese restaurants. But if you know of any nice and clean ones, please let me know. Any suggestions appreciated!

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    1. What part of the LA area will the wedding be located?

      If you have a favorite local restaurant, talk with the owner/manager to see what type of deal you can get. With today's economy, they may be willing to negotiate. Some friends of mine once booked a local Thai restaurant for their reception. I think it was less than $20/person.

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        thanks ray. i was actually looking into chandara off of larchmont. im open to anything in downtown and around the miracle mile vicinity

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