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Eats in Bishop Arts (Dal)

My wife wants me to take her to explore the Bishop Arts district next week. (She's never been.)
Opinions, please: Where to eat??

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      You won't go wrong with Hatties. Be sure to build in time to walk around the galleries and funky shops before or after.

      Lots of great places mentioned, but to complete the list: (i) Zen Sushi is one the best sushi spots in Dallas with great fish and creative presentations (I am saving up to do the Omikase there someday....it's really special), (ii) Cafe Madrid also has outpost in Bishop Arts (it's never as crowded as the Knox location, but they do put out some very good food).

      You might want to stop by Tillman's or Enos for a before or after dinner drink. They each have lively bars. Hatties has a bar, but it's more of quiet, graceful place.

      Hula Hotties has terrific pastries, but it not really a destination dining spot. Bolsa (D Magazine's restaurant of the year) and Kavala are both great, but don't offer the walk around Bishop Arts experience.

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        WHile I enjoy the food at Hattie's, I really have to disagree that it is "quiet and elegant" - at least in the dining area. It certainly has potential for both as they've really paid a lot of attention to visual detail; but as is, their acoustics just don't allow for "quiet". At full occupancy, it's really quite noisy.

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          I agree with you. My post wasn't exactly clear. The dining room at Hatties can be quite lively and loud. But, the tiny reception area isn't really a bar scene. Most people are usually just sitting with a drink while they wait for the rest of their party or a table. I was comparing it to Tillmans' and Eno's which have more of bar scene. That is what I was trying to say.

    2. Tei An is not in Bishop Arts but rather the Dallas Arts District a difference of about 5 miles, give or take. Tei An would be the best choice though. I am not sure if you are including the area just to the east outside the acutal district. In that case there is also Gloria's (the orginal), Kavala, and Bolsa.


      Hatties and Tillman's Roadhouseare the standouts.

      Eno's Pizza, Cafe Veracruz and Cafe Madrid are probably the second tier.

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        Actually Bolsa and Glorias are to the west....sorry for that mistake. Davis @ Lewellyn

      2. We eat often in BA's. That's my favorite place to go these days as it is very "unDallas". Everyone doesn't look the same as where we live. We particularly like Hatties and Bolsa. We ate a Bolsa last Friday and it was terrific. Lot's of small plates to share. Fresh..farm driven produce and meats. Great, reasonable wine list. Hattie's is suped-up southern/low country food with a great decor and great service. We also like the bar at teh Belmont Hotel for a pre-dinner cocktail. Good vibes in the BA.

        1. I love Hattie's, shrimp and grits and Eno's, ultra thin pizzas and DogFish head ales.

          1. Eno's Pizza is spectacular, especially when they have live music, Friday and Saturday nights, I believe, but verify. Veracruz and Vitto's Italian are both good but not great.

            1. Bolsa or Hattie's. Eno's pizza can be very expensive as the crust is super thin and not filling. I haven't tried it, but Smoke is on the outskirts of BA.

              1. Hattie's is fantastic. My second choice would be Eno's. All restaurants in the area are good, with the possible exceptions of Casa Blanca and Cafe Brazil.

                1. If you want to stroll around Bishop Arts - and I would recommend it - then you should choose Hattie's, Eno's, Tillman's or Veracruz. There are some great shops. If you like sodas you should stop by the Soda Gallery.

                  Hattie's is great - semi fancy, excellent food and excellent specialty martinis.

                  Eno's is fun and casual and the food is excellent too. Local ingredients, super-thin crust. They also have fantastic salads and a gigantic beer menu. I don't think it is overly expensive and I find the pizza to be plenty filling.

                  I like Veracruz. Interesting food.

                  Tillman's Roadhouse is great, but I would probably pick Hattie's or Eno's ahead of Tillman's.

                  If you don't care about strolling around Bishop Arts then Bolsa and Kavala to the west on Davis are wonderful. Bolsa has a huge outdoor covered patio. Bolsa also uses super fresh ingredients - no fryers or freezers there.

                  To the east on Davis there is a new place called Hula Hotties cafe. I haven't been, but it is supposed to be wonderful. It is headed by a former pastry chef who worked in a resort in Hawaii and has great bakery stuff along with unusual entrees.

                  If you want to go for drinks somewhere afterwards, I recommend The Quinn which is east on Davis from Bishop Arts. It's just a bar, but they play great music and sometimes have live music.

                  Have fun!

                  1. Also, Smoke/Belmont Hotel is not really near Bishop Arts. It IS in Oak Cliff, but it is way over on Fort Worth Ave and Sylvan. If you take Commerce from downtown it will turn into Forth Worth Ave and Belmont will be on your right. GREAT patio with downtown views.

                    1. Thanks for all the tips. After looking at all the websites/menus, I think we'll try Hattie's.

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                        Good choice! Order the shrimp & grits. It's, yummy!

                      2. Because I'm cheap---I say Hunky's. Great burgers and soda shop. Awesome pie.