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Nov 19, 2009 04:12 PM

New in the SGV? (dumpling, noodle, dim sum, non-asian?)

I come down to the Claremont area once or twice a year to visit inlaws and always spend a couple days in the SGV eating. Coming so infrequently makes it hard to keep a pulse on what is new, interesting, closed or slipped in quality.

Mainly i focus on Chinese (wide i know) - but noodles, dumplings and dim sum. Not Sichuan (as my partner can't do super spicy) but anything else is good. I have relied on posts in the pasts and had great experiences.

My favorite recent-ish meals included:

Noodle House (in old location - i saw on the board that it moved) LOVED this
Mei Long great XLB
some other dumpling house that is in same strip as Mei Long i think also good XLB
For dimsum we've always gone to a place by in-laws like - might be 888 - in a mall right next to a large Vietnamese place on the corner (has cart service) - very good but not in the top league i think

So where should i try this time? It's hard not to go back to Noodle House. I've seen Elite and Sea Harbor are listed as "best" dim sum - any cart service that is in a top tier?

I've seen Kam Hong Garden and Giang Nan listed recently - of course they look great as well but hard to decide.

I can hit a few places if they are close proximity to one another so if you have a "crawl" in mind let me know. Or stand alone places are fine too.

Also i had heard in the past about Babita's. Is that still good - worth a trip? Also Wahib's gets good press but again - we are in Claremont so anything is a drive.

Feel free to refer me to threads - you get so much under a SGV search.

Thank you thank you thank you. Plus it's my birthday this time while i visit so i reserve the right to try three places on one trip. I will wear the stretchy pants.


ps We always go to Fosselmans for something sweet after dim sum. If you have a different or interesting sweet option let me know. I also love real brewed tea bubble tea but always end up at lollicups because i know where they are.

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  1. Two new ones for you. Pino's Place on the border of El Monte and Temple City, on the corner of Santa Anita and Hondo Parkway - just north of Sam's Club and the Rio Hondo in the former Puerto Vallarta space. Very good Italian at great prices, but the pizza is subpar. This was opened by the son (Pino) of the family that runs Bella Italia on Rosemead Bl. in Pasadena (next to Trader Joe's). Real good pastas, veal, fish, etc. As mentioned above, I was underwhelmed by the pizza. Also a full bar with 6 big screens for sports.

    Second place, just opened Tuesday and I have not had a chance to try it but it does intrigue me is Bourbon St. Bistro in Duarte in the former Fanara's space on Huntington Dr. just east of Highland Ave. (exit Mt. Olive and turn left off of the 210 Fwy). I love southern food and have been missing it since Frank and Joe's closed in Monrovia, I hope it's good and to try it very soon.

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      Giang Nan isn't new. I'd highly suggest New Chong Qing and Shufeng Garden. The SZ / Hunan invasion is FULL-ON in West SGV. Instead of Kam Hong/Noodle House, go with JTYH and Mama Liang's. Both are just tops for noodles.

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        Or better yet, BorntoEat, why not just go to and search "SGV"