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Nov 19, 2009 04:06 PM

The Lion's Pride/Ebenezer's Pub in Maine

Anyone been to either of these remarkable places? Beer Advocate rated Ebenezer's "Best Beer bar on the Planet" and Lion's Pride, which opened in July, is not far from that rating itself. Pannepot on tap!

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  1. Chris Lively -Beer Encyclopedia/Chef and his wife Jen own both.

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      I've never been to either but would like to someday to see how they compare to some of the fantastic bars in Belgium.

    2. Ive been to Ebenezers. Dont know that I would call it THE best beer bar in the world but its definitely a great place. And the fact that its SO REMOTE (thankfully my sister lives just 90 minutes away) and tucked into the woods at the back of a golf course adds to the lore. The selection isnt as broad as I would have thought but what they do have is often quite hard to find. Definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in western Maine. We actually hit Ebenezers on our way to the Ben & Jerry's factory in Vermont.

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        >The selection isnt as broad as I would have thought

        Sounds like you weren't lucky enough to get a cellar tour.

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          No tour at all. We just went there for lunch. I was just speaking of what was on tap that day. Maybe 15 or 20 choices although they brag of 35. But again what they DID have was quite impressive. I seem to recall trying an 04 and an 05 Bigfoot on tap as well as a Kriek 3 or 4 years old. Its also the only place Ive found Brooklyn Flemish Gold on tap.

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            I've been to Ebenezer's three times and I was lucky enough to get a cellar tour. If you are a beer nut you will be astounded at what Chris has squirreled away down there! The selection of Belgian beers is outstanding but I will admit that they are mostly focused on Belgians (though first time I went they had Dogfish 120 on tap as well as Samiclaus and each had a 1 glass limit! I have never seen either of these on tap anywhere else I have ever been). As far as their selection of Belgians goes, they are on par with Moeder Lambic in Brussels and maybe even 't Brugs Beertje in Bruges. They do have a good selection of west coast beers which are impossible to find in Canada (being Canadian) and damn hard to find on the East coast. As for their selection of American micros, the Map Room in Chicago and the Susnet Grill in Boston are probably better choices. However, I don't think that this is Chris' focus. I spoke with him and he is more interested in offereing the best selection of Belgians in the US rather than just offering a wide array of beers. Where they truly shine is on customer service. Thery are incredibly warm and welcoming. The entire staff knew our names by the time we left, and when we returned several months later they still remembered us. The food was excellent and I plan on returning several times a year.

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              Here in Allentown, PA we have a fantastic bar called The Liberty Street tavern and they, withing the last month, had 120 min on tap, it is a rare sight indeed.